Bitcoin bullish market a certainty as price growth becomes unavoidable


Bitcoin’s reputation as the blueprint for all other cryptocurrencies and the most important digital asset in the world didn’t protect it from the onslaught of low values that affected the marketplace in 2022. However, the price has been steadily returning to its previous levels since the beginning of 2023, and October brought in renewed interest for investors waiting for the Bitcoin price to regain its strength, and it seems that the coin will continue to record gains in the upcoming weeks and going into 2024.

Binance and other exchanges are already preparing for the large number of transactions set to arrive soon, as investors rough to buy Bitcoin before the prices become too high.

Inevitable growth

According to the most recent estimates put forward by analysts, Bitcoin’s further growth is inevitable. 2023 wasn’t able to deliver a bullish run of sufficient strength to negate the previous losses. But renewed interest has caused the coin to climb by almost $10K in just two weeks, reaching its highest level over the past eighteen months. Conquering the $35,000 level was an important milestone as well, and it was the first time it has been reached since May 2022.

The overall market capitalization level is currently above %700 billion. Institutional interest and investments played a large role as well, and the upcoming halving event has sent market expectations skyrocketing as well. After bitcoin production is cut in half as part of the blockchain’s long standing anti-inflationary measures. The halving is a longstanding tradition that has been hard-coded into the system since the creation of bitcoin.

Looking at the latest figures, analysts currently believe that Bitcoin has passed the point of no return, and that growth is now inevitable. The bull market is around the corner, but there are still questions regarding the scope of the bullish trend and how long it will last. Unfortunately, given the constantly changing crypto landscape, it’s impossible to predict these numbers. While predictions do exist, basing your whole strategy on them can do more harm than good.

Day trading

As the market navigated a difficult period, most users turned to long positions and started moving towards hodling. Those that were carrying out short-term ventures noticed that they were losing far more money than they were gaining. For some, the losses were approaching 1005, while for those that chose long-term investments the risk and trouble were minimal, and in some instances entirely non-existent.

Even though the prices have been doing much better over the past month, it is still not enough for day traders to resume their previous activities. It might even seem that the time has passed for that type of strategy, as the Bitcoin market matured and took on new facets. Those that are looking for inefficiencies they can exploit are likely to be disappointed when they realize the gains that come from that plan are no longer what they used to be.

End of an era

Although Bitcoin hasn’t been around for long, its astronomical rise is second-to-none. It has managed to climb farther than most traditional assets in only a fraction of the time, mostly owing to its constantly-evolving nature and ability to drive innovation and tech development. And it is still far from finished in its rise through the ranks. However, after the last year, many believe that BTC is not just growing, but also transforming into an asset that is far more reliable and safer. Although opinions differ, many say that 2022 was the worst year in crypto’s history. The bear market and subsequent crypto winter have left a huge dent in the digital finance environment, and the market is still regaining its strength.

The troublesome situation regarding the collapse of many crypto exchanges and digital token-friendly banking institutions, as well as their connection to fraudulent activities has also impacted crypto’s reputation among the general public. Following new conclusions in the case of FTX’s co-founder, who has been indicted on several criminal charges including commodities fraud, money laundering, election finance violations and wire fraud among others, there are some in the industry that believe the closing of this chapter means that this is the end of an era for Bitcoin.

The market is expected to gradually exit its more chaotic and unpredictable phase and instead move towards mainstream acceptance and an environment that’s based on more environment-specific regulations. Yet, others point out that if this scenario becomes a reality, then it’s possible that Bitcoin will never experience spectacular growth surges ever again, and some investment opportunities might be lost. You win some, you lose some.


The next halving event will occur in 2024, but the halving is not just a one-time thing. In fact, it is so important for the BTC ecosystem that its effects can be felt before, during and even long after the halving is launched. For this reason, many analysts have started looking into what they can expect beyond 2024. So far, the predictions are nothing but positive, and the recent data shows that values as high as $150K could be reached by 2025.

Although these values are unlikely to be seen during the first months of the year, the second or third quarter are likely moments. The estimates consider that the price is very likely to remain bullish, but the staggering figures would still mean that the current price needs to grow five times over to reach the levels. It would also be more than double the amount of the all-time highs of November 2021, the first and only time Bitcoin stood at $67,000.


The subject of the ETFs has been long-debated in the community and investors are still hopeful that the SEC will come up with a positive answer soon. However, the beginning of 2024 is the more likely time, and that is still a while away. Even though an American digital currency manager recently won a lawsuit against the Securities and Exchange Commission that was widely celebrated by the crypto community, this doesn’t bring ETFs closer to approval.

The fact that cryptocurrencies don’t have a very good reputation at the moment only adds fuel to the fire and delays the decision. The industry continues to face challenges, but has become more resilient as well. No matter what happens, the cryptocurrency environment seems ready to enter a new growth phase. And devoted investors will never leave Bitcoin behind.

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