Top Electricity Draining Appliances in Your Office

Electricity Draining Appliances

If you are wondering why your energy bills are high despite the low use of electricity, then you are in the right place. There are various appliances in your office that drain electricity easily and quickly without you even knowing. So to make your office more efficient in terms of energy and lower your energy bills, it is important first to identify these appliances and then find a solution to prevent this from happening.

1) Computers

Computers top the list of energy-draining appliances because we leave our computers on without thinking how much energy they will be consuming. Only the monitors use around 100 watts per day, so switching them off when not in use will help cut down on energy bills. Moreover, it is best to switch energy-draining desktop computers for a laptop that will be more energy efficient.

2) Thermostats

Heating and cooling systems are essential for an office. But they are one of the biggest energy-draining appliances as a 60percent of the bill is contributed by thermostats. You can control your thermostats; simply reducing 1 degree can lower your bills by 10%. Moreover, using a smart thermostat can further improve energy efficiency and cut down your bills. These smart-systems use WiFi and adapt to the habits in the building and thus keep control of the temperature automatically.

3) Printers

Another essential appliance that may be draining electricity. To prevent this, you should opt for printers that meet the standards and thus ensure that they function at maximum efficiency. Moreover, it would help if you chose a printer with automatic sleep and shut-off options not to use energy when not in use.

4) Lighting

Lighting is essential to promote productivity and a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. Moreover, proper lighting is also important for the eyes. But they are yet another energy-draining appliance. You can reduce the energy used in lighting by switching to more energy-efficient lighting.

Moreover, constructing the office to bring in natural daylight so that lighting is not needed during the day. You can also use heat or occupancy sensors in areas like the corridor or an area that is less used only to light up when someone is present. You can also use timers to increase lighting during working hours and automatically shut off after hours so that no light is left on when no one is present. Visit Utility Bidder today to get the best electricity tariffs.

5) Tea or coffee machines

Every office needs these machines to enhance productivity and focus throughout the day. You can use more eco-friendly and efficient appliances, for instance, machines that use reusable filters.

6) Refrigerators

A refrigerator is another appliance without which it will be impossible to work in an office. This is why you should have a fridge that is energy efficient, which will save around 45percent of energy consumed by traditional refrigerators. In addition, you should ensure that the refrigerator’s door is securely shut every time and that it receives regular maintenance to ensure they are operating optimally and not working overtime.

In conclusion

So these are some of the electricity draining appliances that can be found within your office. You must maintain these appliances and follow the energy-saving tips mentioned above so that you can cut down on your electricity bills and improve their efficiency.

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