KENT CamEye – Advanced Vehicle Security Device for Moms Looking for In-Car Safety of Their Kids


Safety and security of kids is always the top priority for a mother. We live in the era where parents prefer sending their kids to daycare rather than letting them stay with grandparents.

When the kids start going to school or other relevant places, the focus of a mother shifts to security. Mothers constantly face difficult situations to understand the whereabouts of her kids and get to know only by drivers or teachers. This is one of the main reasons why tracking &security devices become so important for mothers.

Why do we need such devices?

As a mother, it is difficult to keep a tab on kids driven around by the chauffeur. With such devices, mothers can know the real-time location of the vehicle, live video streaming, video recording, and much more. The best part of such devices is that it sends her smart alerts when itdetects the existence of an unknown driver or when the car is over-speeding. A mother can access all this information from her smartphone while she is sitting on the couch at home or working in her office.


Though, there are many devices available in the market, KENT CamEye is slowly but gradually rising as the market leader in this category. KENT CamEye comes with cutting-edge technology that offers complete peace of mind to mothers with regard to the safety of their children while they are away from home.

About KENT CamEye

KENT CamEye is the first of its kind vehicle security device for the safety and wellbeing of your loved ones. The device uses dual cameras to record everything happening inside and outside the car.

KENT CamEye offers great features for mothers who rely on chauffeur-driven cars. They can stream live videos of the inside or outside view of the car, whether it is moving or is parked.  It also alerts the parents once their kids reach or leave the pre-defined locations such as school, hobby class etc. The device send alerts onmobile phone and let them knowwhen the power cable is removed or an attempt to reboot the device is made. Notably, it even alerts if the camera view is obstructed.

KENT CamEye acts as a strong deterrent against commonly-faced issues with dishonest drivers. It sends alerts on the car owner’s phone when the driver sleeps in the car with the AC on or if he over-speeds. It uses artificial intelligence-based features, such as face recognition, to detect an unknown person driving the car or if the driver is playing loud music; an alert is sent on the mother’s mobile phone.


How KENT CamEye ensures 100% security for your loved ones?

KENT CamEye offers features that help a working mom to keep track of her kids when they travel with the driver.

  • Time-lapse video & audio recording lets the mother watch the recording of everything  that happened inside and outside of the car during the entire trip
  • GPS tracking and route play back offers easy monitoring of the complete route taken by the driver while the vehicle is in motion
  • Live video steaming that lets the mother keep an eye on her family while on the move
  • 2-way calling lets the kids enjoy a communication with their mother via the device
  • Non-OBD based plug and play easy installation process
  • Send alerts on mobile phonesthat offer constant updates about the carlike place of alert, geo-fencing alert, AC on alert, unknown driver, engine idle and much more.

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