6 Tips to Promote Your Graphic Design on Instagram

Marketing on Instagram

You already know that Instagram is a popular social networking platform where you can share eye-catching photos and videos. It is a fully dedicated site to highlight visual art in all types and forms. Graphic designers, logo artists, book illustrators, T-shirt designers, poster creators, and catalog designers are all graphic artists. All of these professionals can promote their work and reap the maximum benefits out of Instagram provided they know how to use the platform to their advantage. As a graphic designer, you can advertise your works of art and services. In simple words, Instagram is the extension of a graphic artist’s visual portfolio. Whether you want to promote yourself as a freelance designer or promote your T-shirts, you can leverage the power of Instagram and boost your brand presence on this social media site. Here are six tips to promote your graphic design work on Instagram:

  1. Avoid Posting Blurry Images or Screenshots

You need to impress your potential clients with your graphic design work. Therefore, do not post screenshots or blurry images of your design on this platform. Folks using the picture-sharing platform look for unique and original work. They appreciate innovative ideas and authenticity. Therefore, post your design work sans the frills and money will start rolling in. What you can do is take a clear photo of your book cover illustration. Take images of the work and post on Instagram to show the step by step progress. Your prospective clients would like to see your creative process. It will give your clients a behind-the-scenes idea and generate their interest.

  1. Stir Emotions with High-Quality Visuals

There is much power in emotion and persuasion if you use them in visual form. However, you must get the visual direction right to improve your social media presence and reputation as a graphic designer. The images, videos, and photos should pique user interest and make them engage with your content. Before you start posting on the picture-sharing site, reflect on your visual aids and figure out how you would like to present your design on Instagram. Make the most of the photo-editing tools on this social media site. You can use tools like exposure cropping, filters, and contrast editing to improve your visual identity. Create emotions with visuals. For example, if you have recently designed a poster for an air conditioning company, highlight a man’s expression of comfort on his face while he relaxes in his air-conditioned room after work. You can highlight an interaction or gesture in your Instagram visuals to captivate audience attention. Connect with your Instagram users on an emotional level.

  1. Make the Best Use of Hashtags

You cannot succeed on Instagram or any other social platform for that matter if you do not use hashtags. Besides building a social bonding and categorizing your pictures for a super easy search, hashtags boost your online visibility. Check out their use on the internet before you use them on Instagram. Avoid the use of generic hashtags like #design. That is because it is a broad term. You need to be more specific. Use something like #logodesign or #logographics. Pick out hashtags that define your work precisely. Never use more than five or eight hashtags. If you are unsure which websites to explore to learn more about graphic design and Instagram, visit sites like Gramblast.

You should research online to find out which hashtags are trending or doing well. Use the ones that are gaining the most engagement and traction. The best hashtags will attract the maximum likes and comments on Instagram.

  1. Ensure Your Design Relates to Your Audience

No one including customers wants serious business talking all the time. Instagram is one such platform where the word ‘business’ can exude vibrancy and persona. Therefore, highlight designs that have some character in them. If your followers can have some fun while looking at your graphic design work, there is nothing like it. They will feel more curious about your design and opt for your services. Give your images a story. Make your followers fall in love with your design. Make your work creative, fun, and innovative. Sharing relatable design will attract the right clients to your Instagram page and boost your social media presence too.

  1. Focus on Consistency

Be consistent on Instagram if you do not want to compromise in your fan following. You should stay relevant to your customers. Post your design work on a periodic basis. Even if you are posting once or twice a day, you will rock on Instagram. Consistency is not only about posting content at regular intervals but also about maintaining visual consistency. If you have scrolled through your feeds and identified the brand behind the visuals, then that is an ideal example of visual coherence. For example, if you created graphics for T-shirts to cater to the teens, use bright shades and feel-good pictures. Make use of the grid concept. You should note the voice, color, message of the first nine pictures on this photo-sharing platform.All photos should have the same characteristics. If you find one photo is completely different with respect to the color and voice, feel free to delete the same. Your followers will keep growing provided your images are consistent and in concert. You can ensure coherence by using the same filters when tweaking your photos.

  1. Avoid Overdoing

Do not overdo when displaying your work on Instagram. Remember that an eye-catching feed of 100 images is much better than 4000 nondescript photos with no clarity and goal. Coherence is the key to your success on Instagram as a graphic designer. Be clear on what you do. It will help you to grow your audience, converting visitors into customers. The Instagram views will soon turn into a potential sales opportunity.


Instagram is the right platform to connect with your clients or customers to sell your design work. Therefore, it is not just a light or casual social media site to share pictures with your friends. It is a great tool to build your business presence and acts as a powerful tool for graphic designers and illustrators to highlight their talent.

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  1. Instagram is focused mainly on pictures, an event in your life or a drawing or selling a product, it is the best platform to post these kinds of photos so to ensure it gets the attention needed we must follow the steps above…thanks for sharing…

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