Top 10 WordPress Plugin Development Company

WordPress Plugin Development Company

The demand for WordPress is increasing day by day, as it is one of the best platforms for developing any kind of websites or any kind of E-commerce website. It is known as one of the best CMS frameworks of PHP.

WordPress provides you with various theme options, you can either go for free themes or paid themes. In total 1500+ themes are available in WordPress, which means you have various options of selecting theme as per your requirements.

But sometimes you want to add some more features or functionality in your website or we can say that customizable features or functionality. As a non-technical person, it’s not easy for you to make edits or make updates on your website then,

what is the solution of adding extra functionality or features in your website?

The solution to this problem is, adding plugins to your WordPress website. Plugin is a piece of software which contain the group of functions which can extend the functionality or add new features to your WordPress website. WordPress Plugins are written in PHP programming.

There are various companies, who worked on Wordpress as well as also provide you with WordPress plugins if you required. Finding the best company as per your requirement or in the budget is really challenging.

For helping you, here I am going to list down 10 companies for WordPress plugin development.

1. WordSuccor Ltd – WordSuccor is one of the best company for the development of WordPress Plugin and its headquarters is located in Santa Monica, California, USA. With the development of WordPress website, they also offer the conversion of the WordPress idea by adding plugins.

2. The App Ideas – The App ideas is one of the best web and app development Company. The App ideas help you to grow your business or boost your sales by providing the innovative and best solution.

The App Ideas headquarters is situated in India, its other offices are located in the United Kingdom, Poland and Netherland.

The App ideas is also popular for the development of WordPress website and they also provide the service of WordPress Plugin if Client requires. They have totally worked on 200+ projects based on website, mobile app and game development. They have the best and experienced team of  WordPress and PHP developers and provide the best rates for development of WordPress plugins.

3. Web dev Studios – Web dev is a software development company, which works on all types of WordPress website development for small to medium-sized businesses. Its headquarter is located in  Philadelphia, PA. They also worked on WordPress plugin development.

4. Automattic – Automattic is a web development company and its headquarter is located in San Francisco, CA. This is a well-known industry for web development, they also worked on the projects related to WordPress and also do development of WordPress plugins.

5. Caseproof – Caseproof is a software company based in the USA. Caseproof specializes in developing a WordPress website and also providing the best solution to the problem. They provide the specialized Plugin for WordPress which help business to automate their marketing strategies.

6. Yoast – Yoast is SEO providing services. its headquarter is located in Wijchen, Gelderland. This service is well known for providing SEO services to the websites but with this, they also provide the services of optimizing the website using WordPress plugins.

7. Sintra – Sintra is a WordPress development company and its headquarters is located in Poland. They create a professional website and also develop the online store, on one of the best and popular CMS, WordPress. With the development of WordPress website, they also provide the service of WordPress plugins if their clients require.

8. Glorywebs – Glorywebs is a digital marketing agency and its headquarter is located in India and its other office is located in the USA. This industry works on WordPress website development and with that, they also develop WordPress plugins.

9. Computan – Computan is a WordPress development industry and its headquarters is located in  Canada. They are expert in the development of WordPress website, with that they also provide the plugin’s support to the WordPress website.

10. Color whistle – Color Whistle is an IT industry which provides services like custom website designing and professional website development.Color Whistle headquarters is located in India and its other office is located in the USA. With WordPress website development, they also work on the WordPress Plugins development.

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