4 Tips to Creating a New Web Page

Web Page

Gone are the days when it was optional for businesses to have a website. This is because the customers of this day and age have become addicted to the internet. They don’t want to waste their time going to brick and mortar stores when they can easily buy whatever they need at the click of a button. Every business must therefore invest in a website because it’s the surest of reaching out to many people. With a website, your services and products can be bought by people who don’t necessarily reside in your area. You don’t even need to rent premises for your business. As long as you are able to deliver on customer orders, you are good to go. However, most business owners are troubled by the issue of creating a website because they don’t know how to go about it. Here are amazing tips on how you can build a website from scratch on your own.

1. Use Free Tools on the Internet

Most people believe that creating a website is difficult like rocket science. On the contrary, it’s as easy as a walk in the park. There are many free website creation wizards on the internet that can help you design a new page even when you have never studied programming. This is the wizards are organized into templates that you can pick and customize later to meet your needs.

The good thing about these tools is that they are offered free of charge. You therefore don’t need to spend a lot of money on hiring a web developer. Some of the most popular platforms include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Wix. However, most webpreneurs prefer to use WordPress because it’s easy to customize and supports all kinds of businesses. The platform is also optimized for mobile devices, meaning your website can be accessed via tablets, smartphones and computers.

2. Get Training on Web Development

If you want to build a complicated business platform say for e-commerce or B2B, it’s advisable you invest in web development skills. For a start, you will save thousands of dollars that you would have spent on hiring a dedicated web developer and web administrator. Instead of enrolling in a college or university, it’s advisable you take an online class in programming for about 4 or 7 weeks. After picking a course at http://loudprogrammer.net/best-coursera-courses-specializations-to-take/, you can study at your own convenience. The advantage is that you can also work as a freelance web developer and make a few bucks on the side by helping other entrepreneurs that need a website.

3. Pick a Catchy Domain Name

Every website must have a domain name.  This is basically an address that people will use to find your business on the internet. While selecting a domain name a domain name sounds easy. It’s easier said than done. This is because there are some considerations you have to make. For a start, you should never pick a subdomain name because it lacks a professional appeal. In fact, you should select a domain name that’s catchy and easy to memorize. The name should also make it easy for internet users to understand what your enterprise deals with.

4. Add Informative and easy to Read Content

A website that doesn’t have content is considered incomplete. In fact, content plays a very crucial role in increasing the visibility of your website. If you create content that’s informative, the search engines will acknowledge your efforts by putting your business in the first page of search results. Although you might opt to add a few keywords here and there, it’s really the quality of content that matters. Besides that, you should select a font style that is of a considerable size. This will make it easier for visitors to read the content that’s on your site, which in return will contribute to reduced bounce rate.

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