Top 6 Tips For Your Shopify Developer To Double Your Store’s Revenue

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There are more than 600,000 stores available on Shopify. Well, the numbers may impress you, but do you know that more than 53% of mobile users avoid online stores that take more than three seconds to load? Now, what is the connection between these two statistics! I am here to explain that only. There are more than 600,000 stores that offer some fantastic products on the Shopify platform. And do you know how many of them provide the same service or products that you are offering? There is being so many of them for sure.

Thesenumbers convey that the competition that you have is not only on the Shopify store, but it is a contest with other platforms or businesses too! So, it is essential for you always to stay ahead of the competition and get things done fruitfully. The most excellent and profitable way to do that is by healthily enhancing your Shopify store.

If you hire a Shopify expert, he must follow these below steps, which will improve the loading time and resolve various other issues. This favorable scenario, in turn, will increase your store’s overall revenue.

1. Remove Dead Weight From Home Page

The home page is the first thing that the customers will get to see when they visit your store. If you do not have a faster loading page, then it is apparent that they will ditch your page and store too. In a survey, it is a finding that people view only 50% of the home page, and this isn’t a good thing.

This scenario is the reason why you have to start cutting the dead weight that your home page has. Now, what is this dead weight? The deadweight is nothing but the unnecessary elements that you have on your page. You should remove all the useless stuff present on your home page and make it much more enjoyable.

The Ideal Home Page Will Contain

  • Smooth navigation taking visitors to any useful page that they want to explore effortlessly
  • Beautiful images can better please customers. And further, create a desire to buy that particular item.
  • Valuable content that will address their pain points and provides solutions for it.
  • Call to action button, which is loud and clear.
  • Testimonials and reviews of the existing customers who already brought products from you

Except for these five things, there is no need for any extra stuff on your home page. This condition is one of the most critical Shopify tricks that you have to remember. As you remove the unnecessary material present on your home page, it will take very little time to load.

2. Reduce Image Dimensions

You need to abide by the rules given by Shopify when it comes to image size. Shopify    recommends the usage of images with 2048 x 2048 resolution only. If you are uploading images more significant than that, the browser has to scale to accommodate those images, and this will be affecting the loading time a lot.

This scenario is the reason why you have to upload pictures that are of 2048 x 2048 sizes only. Do not worry about how to resize because Shopify does that for you. It has the resize tool, which will reduce the size of images and optimize them to reduce the loading time.

You have to hire a Shopify expertwith image resizing and optimizing knowledge as they can help you with the management.

3. Upgrade the Hosting Plan

Some so many people started as small stores on Shopify with the basic plan and further upgraded as their business increased. Sometimes all your storage needs are an upgrade to a better package. Although you started small, the traffic for your store would have increased, which can crash the store entirely. This scenario is the reason why if you see enhancements in your website traffic, you have to upgrade to a better plan. The new package selected should be capable of accommodating increased traffic. You can hire Shopify experts to clear any doubts that you have with the hosting plans.

4. Use Mobile Responsive Theme

This functionality is one of the most critical Shopify tips that you have to know. You may find a plethora of exciting themes for your store, but only some of those themes are mobile-friendly. You must have a mobile responsive theme that will offer proper service on mobile phones too. These days, people do almost everything on their mobile-only, and shopping isn’t an exemption. So, you need to have a mobile-centric theme that works perfectly on any phone. If your store doesn’t look right or takes up more time to load on phones, it will hurt for sure.

5. Be Careful About Nested Collections

Big stores present on Shopify often use the nested collections feature. These nested collections will help in displaying the same set of items and is quite popular among the stores too. The nested groups take up a lot of time to load. This scenario is the reason why you have to start integrating your store with other tools that will help you in accommodating the product collections without slowing down. Ignore the nested loop program and go with a device.

6. Reduce Popups

Whenever you take your mouse onto a particular product, a popup will appear with two or three lines of content explaining the specific product. This scenario may seem like a straightforward feature, but it occupies a big code. So, adding this popup feature for every product will eventually slow down your store. This condition is the reason why it is always a better choice to add popup for only some products or avoid it altogether. This way, you don’t have to worry about slow loading times.

Key Takeaways

Shopify stores can create a massive difference in any business, and so are the loading times of stores. If you keep the viewers wait for a long time in your store, it is a negative signal and will throw off your potential customers. So, be careful about the loading time of your store. 

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