4 Things To Look For When Reading A Web Hosting Review

Web Hosting Review

There are many web hosts available that are offering great web hosting services. Every one of them has an amazing offer and a list of features all of which you need for your website. It is easy for you to be overwhelmed and even confused as to which web host to choose and work with.

There are many people online who have done reviews of the different hosting companies. There are certain things that are important to look for when reading a web host review. Here are 4 such things:

1. Check On The Technical Support Details

Technical support details are an important aspect to look at when reading a web host review. Check on how commendable the reputation of the technical support department is. Look for information regarding customer care support, whether it works on the basis of a ticketing system, live chat, emails, toll-free calls, or automated system messages.

Ensure that the review offers clear details as to whether the technical support team is part of the web host or whether it has been outsourced from another service company. Check on this details in the web hosting review.

2. Check On Details Regarding The User Interface And Control Panel

The user interface and control panel details are important to get more information on with regards to the web host you are looking at. In the review, check for details of the ease of navigation within the user interface for people who are not tech savvy and are doing this for the first time.

Important details to check on are whether there is a one-click install where you can easily install WordPress and easily set up your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and email accounts, do updates and modifications to your website with ease and even view some screenshots of the user interface and control panel to get a feel of how it looks like beforehand.

Ensure that you get all the important details regarding the user interface and the control panel in the web host review.

3. Check On The Features And Add-ons

When reading a web host’s review, pay attention to the features and add-ons that the host has to offer.

Find out whether it is easy for beginners to set up a new website by themselves, whether the web has multiple data centers, has regular data backups, whether it offers credits for advertising via Yahoo and Google Ads, whether they have a free domain privacy or if there is a cost attached to it.

These features and add-ons are important to know about in detail and you should be keen to read more on them in the web host review.

4. Check On The Price Details

Price is an important aspect to check on in the web host review. Keep in mind that the review is meant to drive you to subscribe to the hosting plan being offered. As such, you need to check whether the price being charged is concurrent with the features being offered in the hosting package.


These are some of the important things you should be keen to look for when reading a web host review. Have you checked out the Hosting Foundry website? These guys do great hosting reviews. Have a look at these amazing detailed reviews today.

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