6 Things to Know About Gaming Laptop Screens before Buying One

Gaming Laptop Screens

It’s no brainer that an incredible laptop gaming screen is an ingredient for quality graphic display. And while a video game can offer high-end graphics, they’d be less helpful with a lackluster screen. Gaming laptop companies are working incredibly hard to deliver the best quality laptop and monitor screens for enhanced gaming experiences. And therefore, it’s imperative to make shrewd decisions when getting one. Click https://www.razer.com/gaming-laptops/razer-blade-17 to get more information. Here are things you should know about gaming laptop screens before getting your hands on one.

1. Resolution

When picking your gaming laptop, keep close tabs on its screen resolution. Screen resolution measures the number of individual pixels per square frame, which determines the quality of the display. Go for gaming laptops with screen resolutions higher than 1,289 × 720 because these are usually High Definition. As the resolution increases, it becomes challenging to pick out the individual pixels, increasing display quality. An HD resolution is an ingredient to a more enjoyable gaming experience and should be on your radar.

2. Aspect ratio

The screen’s aspect ratio defines its width to height proportions, essential for high-quality gaming laptop displays. Most gaming laptops have wide and ultra-wide 21:9 or higher aspect ratios instead of the standard 4:3 aspect ratios. It lets you expand the field of view without diminishing display quality, which is essential for an incredible gaming experience.

3. Screen size and PPI

Gaming laptops screens with at least 17” screen sizes or higher are better, provided that they offer better resolution. They create more usable screen spaces and enhanced imagery, giving you the luxury to enjoy viewing even when you position yourself inches apart from your gaming laptop screen. This feature can be critical for long-sighted gamers who find it hard to concentrate their eyes on their gaming laptop screens in short distances.

4. Refresh rate

Refresh rate refers to the frequency that the entire screen can refresh the image. Go for a gaming laptop whose screen has a higher refresh rate, not way below 144Hz, if you’re looking for smoother on-screen motion. High screen rates make screen movements almost impossible to notice and, most times, reduces perceived blur motion. This feature is critical for an incredible gaming experience.

Gaming Laptop Screens

5. Color

The screen color is also an essential feature to not take for granted when getting a gaming laptop. This feature gets influenced by the screen’s brightness, color gamut, contrast ratio, Luminance, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and more others, which add up to improving your gaming laptop screen. Better screen color is a prerequisite for an incredible display, so make the best go for it.

6. Response time

Response time also determines how much time a single pixel takes to change color in milliseconds. A higher response time of about 240Hz is ideal for a high-quality display. Anything less than that lowers the visual artifacts, including the induction of motion blurs, which are highly undesirable.


As you hit the stores to get a gaming laptop, remember to use the display as a check-out on an excellent laptop. An incredible display is a prerequisite for a high-end gaming experience, and so, never take it for granted.

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