How to Recover Data from a Damaged Hard Drive

Recover Data

Nothing feels sad than when someone loses important data from their computer. Hard drive damage can indeed be embarrassing from the word go. Unknown to some of us, your computer hard drive can get corrupted without your interference. Sometimes you can watch a lovely movie just to realize that it’s not opening the next time you want to watch it with a friend.

Though any computer can experience hard drive corruption, it’s not everyone who understands how to recover deleted files from pc. If you fall in this category, you’ve no reason to worry. We have in this article discussed what damages hard drives, how to recover lost data from a damaged hard drive, and how Recoverit software is useful in recovering such data.

What Damages a Computer Hard Drive?

Recover Data

A computer hard drive can get damaged and lose data. The worst is that many factors could lead to the damage of your hard drive. If you weren’t sure of them, read on and understand what can damage your hard drives.


Though electronic devices produce heat, overheating brings problems to the machine’s components. Computers are designed with small fans to cool the system. If the fun malfunctions, the computer overheats. In this case, the hard drive expands and will contract when the temperature goes down. The expansion and contraction damage the internal structure of the hard drive which causes data loss.

Human Activities.

While using your machine, it can fall and the hard drive is damaged in the process. Again, an external hard drive can fall accidentally and lose all the stored data. This means you have to retrieve the lost data before you can access it.

On the other hand, people are known to accidentally delete data from hard drives. If you do this, you will need to use a robust data recovery tool to get back your formatted or deleted data.

Water Spills.

Unfortunately, most of the computers aren’t waterproof. Therefore, any splash of water or another liquid on it means it gets into the hardware. If the computer is running, it will experience electrical short circuits within the system. If you aren’t swift to switch it off, the internal components including the hard drive will get corrupt and you lose data.

Even with an external hard disk, falling in water makes it malfunction and lose the data saved on it.

Power Related Issues.

Experiencing power faults while your computer is on can cause great losses. With low voltage flowing into your computer you may get sudden hard disk failure. To avoid this, you can install a reliable UPS system in your building.

Various Ways of Recovering Data in a Damaged Drive.

Recovering data from a damaged or crashed can be a bit tricky. First, you want to retrieve all the data but it requires a lot of keenness and professionalism. Despite this fact, someone who can follow simple instructions will be able to do it alone. However, it’s good to consult an expert if you don’t trust your computer skills.

Before the influx of data recovery tools in the market, hard drives were still crashing and people had means of recovering the lost data. If you woke up one day and found that some files are missing you need not worry. Follow the following steps to help you get missing files on your hard drive:

  1. Open Windows Explorer by pressing the Start and E buttons simultaneously.
  2. Go to the File Explorer Options window and click “View.”
  3. Click “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” from the hidden files and folders section.
  4. Click the Apply button followed by OK.

After this, you will be seeing the lost/hidden files on the hard drive.

What Recoverit can do?

If you want to try a more advanced method of data recovery, you may choose to use the Recoverit recovery tool. It comes with sophisticated features to help you solve all data recovery with your computer or any storage device. It’s easy and free to download, install, and use. The simple interface on this tool makes it useful to various categories of computer users. Even newbies have no challenges using it.

How to Recover Files Free from a Damaged Hard Drive.

As stated earlier, you can use software to recover data when your drives get damaged. The most reliable data recovery software is Wondershare Recoverit. As a computer owner, it’s good to master the steps below to enable you to recover your important data

  1. After downloading and installing Recoverit, open it and select the damaged hard drive.
  2. Click the start button at the bottom of the interface to initiate the file scanning process.
  3. After the scanning process, you will preview the recovered files in a list.
  4. Click the Recover button to save the recovered files. You can create a backup to avoid losing the data again.

Features of Recoverit Data Recovery.

Recoverit data recovery software is designed with uniqueness but doesn’t compromise on the services it offers. Whether you want to retrieve data from a memory card or the computer’s hard drive, you can get it with the help of Wondershare Recoverit. Here are some of its renowned features:

Supports Multiple Data Sources.

The Recoverit tool isn’t selective in terms of the data you can retrieve. Though we are saying it helps recover data from a damaged hard drive there is more it can do. The drive could be internal or external and it works perfectly in both cases. If you want to recover data that is in your smartphone or digital camera, you are covered too.

Simple Interface.

If you want to experience simplicity while recovering files from a crashed hard drive, use the Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery tool. It’s designed for both professionals and beginners.

Other Features.

Recoverit is also packed with multiple recovery options, supports many file formats, supports different operating systems, and is affordable than most data recovery tools.


With the above information, we believe you are well armed with ideas on how to retrieve your lost data. All you need is to download the Recoverit tool on your PC and get back your data. You may choose to access it online if you prefer to use the internet instead of consuming your storage space.

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