4 Things to know about Call tracking

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Call tracking has existed since telephones became a means of communication, especially for businesses. While it is great to generate leads, it is also crucial to identify the sources of these leads. As a marketer, call tracking can help you determine the type of marketing campaign activated by a particular call. You can assign a unique code to each lead source such as website ads and you will tell how the caller found you. Call tracking will help you identify the best marketing channel and disregard the poor performers. Nevertheless, you can use call monitoring to do several other things. Here are four things to know about call tracking.

1. Use Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

Using DNI will allow tracking numbers to show on your site dynamically and for a short period. In case a customer visits your website through a specific organic search, they will see a call tracking number. If the client visits your site through a premium ad, a different call tracking number appears. As a result, the call tracking software and you to know which marketing ad or keyword generated the call. DNI will also ensure the security of your SEO.

2. Analyzing conversations

Apart from tracking your calls, you need to examine the call conversations. Most important deals happen during the phone conversation. A caller will say whether he or she will buy your product, negotiations will occur during the call, and employees will also sell effectively during the call. As a result, analyzing phone calls through conversation analytics is essential. Call tracking will use speech recognition software to interpret the words spoken during the call. From this data, you can identify metrics that lead to sales, appointments, and buyer intent.

3. Include Calls in your Lead Mix

In your marketing plan, you have to use call tracking in your leads. If you keep track of potential buyers, make sure you include their phone numbers in the call tracking. Failing to do so is a massive mistake, since you may lose potential customers. Phone calls are more valuable than web leads since callers are more likely to buy. Ensure that you use your call data to make your marketing decisions.

4. Allocate Resources

Call tracking will allow you to determine when you have the most customers. You will be able to track your peak season and allocate resources accordingly. You can add more stock, hire more sales representatives, or improve on your delivery methods. Call tracking will ensure that you miss as few opportunities as possible during your peak period.

Call tracking works for all industries. Large companies use it to track their sales and marketing data, while small enterprises try to improve their local SEO. Some people believe that call tracking can undo all your local SEO wins. If done correctly, call monitoring cannot affect your local SEO. For the best call tracking services, visit https://avidtrak.com. Here, you will get an excellent partner that meets all your call tracking needs to be included in your marketing plan.

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