The Repercussions of Having a Bad Internet Service Provider


Unfortunately, most people are unaware of their internet service providers (ISP) reputation until they have a problem. Had these same people done their homework, they would have probably taken the time to assess the ISP market before choosing one. Being aware of your options saves you a lot of trouble in the future, as ISP companies are notorious for having sketchy service at best.

A bad internet service provider can have drastic consequences on your quality of life. When choosing an ISP, you must consider two very important things; these are price and speed. For instance, if you’re paying $75 per month for speeds that won’t allow you to complete basic online tasks like checking email or browsing Facebook, then it’s probably time to make a change.

In addition to speed, you also have to take into account reliability. ISPs are responsible for the wires that connect you to the internet. If your service is down, there isn’t much else to do other than wait it out until that service resumes.

Being without proper internet access for even a few hours can cause many problems in today’s world. Not having internet access is very frustrating, from being unable to book an appointment with your doctor to submitting schoolwork promptly.

It is also important to understand that it might affect more than just you when you have a bad Internet Service Provider. ISPs are responsible for providing their customers with the speeds they advertise, such as the advertised internet plans from Swoop Broadband. If you’ve signed up for a plan that offers 10 Mbps and your service is very slow, it’s reasonable to assume that the issue might be on the ISP’s end.

Internet Service Providers will most likely blame the issue on the user’s location instead of taking responsibility for fixing the situation. In this sense, you might be deemed “unlucky” to have a shoddy ISP.

The web is littered with stories from people who have dealt with terrible ISPs. A quick search on Google will mostly reveal hundreds upon hundreds of complaints about certain providers. There are even subreddits dedicated to bad experiences with ISPs. These accounts are all real stories from real people.

For example, a quick Google search for “Horrible ISP” will return a large number of results detailing the many miserable experiences certain people have had with internet service providers. One person tells their story about being charged a termination fee because the ISP service wasn’t as fast as it should be, whereas another says something else.

There are also forums dedicated specifically to bad ISPs. There are tons of stories from people across the world who have been dissatisfied with their ISPs. It’s a common theme that many of these ISP issues boil down to one major issue: not being given what you’re paying for.

Some examples include slow speeds, no service, and connection issues with certain devices, and many more.

As long as ISP companies find a way to keep operating in the shadows, they will continue taking advantage of consumers.

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