The Role Of SMS In The COVID-19 Pandemic

Role Of SMS

In 2020, SMS mailing can solve a large number of issues. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to interact with a large audience. All companies and organizations must be ready for such communication so as not to lose customers.

With the development of modern technology, many people have moved to new ways of doing business in a 100% isolated environment. People have adapted to the situation for a long time, but still mass SMS mailings have become quite popular. This communication option was chosen by many schools, hospitals, online stores, public organizations, etc.

The chances of your SMS message to be opened are 98%. This means that anyone with a mobile phone can quickly find out about changes in the working hours of a company, ways to protect against COVID and other news, while staying safe at home.

How to Build Crisis communication via SMS: Health Alerts

In each country, it was decided to send messages to all residents in order to protect them from the virus. Those text messages described steps to protect one’s health. But the biggest topic in all countries included the phrase “stay home”. Therefore, many people worked from home. Also, the messages sent using SMS gateway platforms included the rules of self-isolation and going out.

The Netherlands was the first country to introduce SMS alerts. For this, they didn’t use network operators. The business text service text service has become one of the most popular and simplest mass mailing methods. Other governments have used it for both warnings and tracking citizens’ location. In Greece, in the midst of the pandemic, residents were required to send a message before going out to ensure full control over theirmoving around cities.

The Ministry of Health also decided to provide communication via SMS messages using the reliable mass texting tool. For example, residents who have passed a coronavirus test at a clinic can receive a notification with the results via SMS. This service significantly reduces the burden on nurses or doctors who would have to announce test results over the phone. Thanks to the ability to send messages, specialists can pay more attention to sick patients.

How SMS Marketing Is Changing Customer Engagement

To ensure contact with consumers, many companies have introduced SMS mailings as part of their business SMS marketing strategies. Most people prefer to shop online now. It doesn’t matter what to order; it can be food, clothing, personal hygiene items, etc. Responsible citizens understand the importance of social isolation, thanks to which the infection rate can be significantly reduced.

Communication with couriers is also not the best option in terms of security. Therefore, many consumers prefer contact less delivery. In this case, the drivers simply leave packages at the door or in another place specified by the user. Then, a message is sent to the client’s phone. It may contain:

  • notification of the start of order;
  • confirmation of the delivery option;
  • completion of delivery.

After that, the user can simply pick up the ordered goods at a certain place.

Since the start of the pandemic, athletes around the world have had to reduce their physical activity. This happened because gyms and other organizations that conducted group training ware closed. Yoga, dancing, fitness – people had to give up everything. But companies didn’t want to lose customers. Therefore, they began to use online technologies. This allowed them to stay in touch with loyal customers and change the way they do business using digital technology. No contact with people is required – everything happens online. Gyms and other companies and studios have used bulk mailings to:

  • send online training notifications;
  • create training programs at home;
  • send invitations to group chats;
  • check progress;
  • notify users about changes in the work schedule.

Thanks to mass mailings using the special service provider for bulk SMS messaging, users were able to avoid despair and continue to do sports from home. Online chats made it possible to share their successes and motivate others. Online training notifications let peoplecompile their thoughts and continue training as a team, albeit beingfar from each other, with each athlete at home.

The Role Of SMS In The COVID-19 Pandemic: How to Win

Both retailers and public utility companies can maintain communications with their customers via SMS. Non-profit or government organizations were able to solve a lot of problems in this way; messages were used to:

  • send reports on the delivery of goods;
  • notify about changes in quarantine mode;
  • carry out round-the-clock communication with users;
  • notify about the current operating mode;
  • provide alternative communication options – phone numbers or emails of companies;
  • confirm shopping reservations, and so on.

An opportunity to send bulk SMS in the USA and worldwide allows people to minimize live communication and provide the necessary isolation and feedback. Companies that offer resources for the SMS messaging easily ensure the safety of the customers. Every second millions of messages are sent across the globe, so that users don’t need to interact live. The target audience will receive the necessary notifications and keep abreast in real time.

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