The Little Things That Keep Employees Happy

Employees Happy

Working is a standard part of life – to afford to live, we need an income and to get that income, we might have to spend time in a job that doesn’t provide any satisfaction. Any GOOD boss knows that finding the balance for employees can be tricky but is key to ensuring the happiness and productivity of your staff. If your staff aren’t happy, they lose the inspiration to always give their best and soon you have a demoralised team that feels unappreciated and is only offering the bare minimum.

This soon affects other aspects of the business too – staff reluctant to tidy up, making little effort to arrive on time and always out the door the moment the clock ticks over to finishing time. While bosses can find this behaviour frustrating – they are usually the central cause of why staff feel like this and when provided evidence, bosses who don’t change will soon experience high staff turnover and a lack of respect with those that feel obligated to stay.

employee happy

If you are a boss that feels like you could get more out of your staff, consider the following and make sure to talk to your staff about what is bothering them or how you can improve the working environment. Make sure this is done in a safe space however, where staff don’t feel like providing feedback which may have any kickback on their work, salary or responsibilities.

Stick to the Job Advertised

There is nothing more frustrating for a staff member to apply for and successfully start a new job role, only to find the job advert was misleading on the responsibilities they would be involved in or that the promised perks and benefits are unavailable. Employers and companies who mislead their job applicants with unkept promises and misrepresenting job roles can be held to employment law and there have been several cases where employers who wrongfully hired by misrepresenting the job were taken to court and lost. 

Provide Staff Opportunities to Socialise with Each Other

Too often have managers walked into a new office and complained about the lack of unity or friendliness between colleagues. Everyone must strive to find a good work-life balance and more often than not this means sacrificing time you have for socialising outside work in favour of maintaining your home, spending time with your family or simply getting that all-important ‘you-time’ in.

Employers who expect their teams to gel well together and work productively as a team need to provide opportunities for socialising, whether that’s organising team building activities out of the office, like these team building events available in Aberdeen or offering some time out of the office for a social occasion. Staff often feel the pressure to fulfil their responsibilities in the working day and sometimes may not even speak to a fellow colleague for a whole day while trying to finish their work. The reality is, staff are people and people are more than just work-machines, but some employers are quick to forget this in favour of establishing maximum profit.

Talk to Your Staff, Don’t Vent at Them

Everyone who has worked several jobs has more than likely had to deal with the talkative boss but not in a mutual social way. No, these types of bosses just like to hear themselves talk and complain about things in their own life – without much regard for what’s going on in their employee’s lives. Bosses who bulldoze conversations to talk about their own hardships that, let’s face it, aren’t likely on the same level as the people they pay as little as they can afford to, are often the least respected, least liked and won’t see any extra effort from their staff.

If you are a boss that has lost the respect of your staff or don’t see the team productivity you’d expect out of your team. Take a step back and look at yourself first – as we said at the start – we all need to work and most employees are simply working for someone else, putting money in their pocket – so it’s up to bosses and employers to make their working environment a nice place to be. If you are considerate to your staff, they will be considerate back, supporting your business ventures and making it easy to sell your services with confidence in the results.

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