Five Methods To Keep Your Lawn Healthy And Weed Free

Lawn Healthy

Living in a beautiful home with grasses around the compound breathes nature into your daily living. The flow that connects you with nature when you live in a healthy yard cannot be underrated.

Planting grass in your compound beautifies your home and helps to curb soil erosion.

Planting grasses and abandoning them on your lawn is not appropriate. Its beauty only comes up when the yard is well maintained and free from weeds. Keeping a healthy lawn calls for the services of a professional like Landscapers Jersey City.

How to keep a healthy and weed-free lawn?

If you are not careful, weeds can take over the grasses on our lawn. So here, let’s consider how we can keep our lawn healthy and free from weeds:

Extract existing weeds.

Having weeds on your lawn is inevitable. You can eliminate existing weeds by snatching its root either by handheld feeder or by hand. If the weed has been left for long and has overgrown, you can use the herbicide. You should apply herbicide directly to the weeds, or you make use of the weed-and-feed commodity to the whole lawn. If you have not tried applying the herbicide before, follow the factory’s instructions.

Aerate the lawn.

Check turf for constriction issues. Next, examine the root by digging a square foot portion of the lawn. If you have a base not deep enough, your garden needs to be aerated. A day or two before the aeration process, water the lawn. After the aeration, spread sand or compost over the garden.

Dethatch the lawn. 

The multiplication of organic residue between roofs and grass blades can result in dead patches for weeds to grow. First, check the lawn for an inch coating of thatch. Then, use a power dethatcher or thatching rake to withdraw thatch. The process can make the lawn look terrible, but it will come out beautiful again in about three to four weeks. offers these services and more.

Assign grass seed to exposed areas.

It would help if you dropped grass seed to areas that are bare during the spring. We have the cool-season grass and warm-season grass; whichever suits your lawn, get it fixed at the relevant season. To make sure your seed circulates on the lawn, use a seed spreader and keep watering to help it gain ground.

Wet and feed grass/Mow appropriately.

Let your grass be adequately wet, especially during the drought and heat moments. It is best to apply turf fertilizer occasionally throughout the year. Then, you can follow the factory’s guide to get it done.

If you have taller grass, it is easy to remove weed seeds and stop them from thriving. Change your mowing direction each time you want to now; it will help your grass grow upright and stop soil compression. Also, make sure your mower blades are sharp.


Maintaining a healthy and weed-free lawn comes with a task. You can try keeping your lawn clean if you have the time, else you call for the services of Landscapers Annapolis. Check out this website to hire an expert for your landscaping task.

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