The Benefits of Preemployment Testing in a Company

Preemployment Testing

Preemployment tests have become a norm in the corporate world—and for a good reason. They filter false and alarming candidates from the best of the best. But there’s more to preemployment tests than meets the eye. Preemployment testing assesses candidates’ skills, abilities, and traits for job suitability. Learn about types and best practices for effective hiring.

Hiring candidates is not as easy as you think it is. There are a lot of factors you need to think of and understand as well as methods you need to apply to screen ideal talents that might become assets in the company. Preemployment tests double-check the authenticity of the information provided by the candidate, and checks with past employers and other companies they have worked with. A preemployment test is like a filter that removes the unreliable from the ideal in the candidate pool. It effectively gives you the best results from the bunch!

Benefits of Preemployment Testing

In the past, getting a job only meant showing up with a resume, going on a face-to-face interview, and being deliberated on if the skill set you presented was enough for the job available. But some of this information can easily be falsified and handed over as authentic. This was the lack of a standard for thorough testing that involves contacting previous companies and conducting a series of drug tests in some corporations. It can end up costing the company more by losing clients and money along the way—all because the job was handled by an inexperienced employee.

Preemployment testing was made to avoid all that and to ensure that the employees hired are capable, dedicated, and honest. It also reveals if the candidate is “clean”—this can be determined through a urine or hair drug test—and instantly lets the employer know the star qualities needed to land the job vacancy. It will also cut back the costs of the company from replacing bad hires in the future. Below are other benefits of conducting thorough preemployment testing:

Better productivity

Preemployment tests can double-check if the candidate is capable of excelling in the job and can see if the applicant can give the company more. This test will reveal if you made the best choice at hiring someone—and it can be validated through a series of cognitive aptitude tests, personality tests, and even creativity tests (depending on the job), giving you a glimpse of how this candidate works on the production floor. It also shows how the candidate reacts to certain pressure and tasks and whether they’ll be comfortable in handling the role.

Increased morale

The sudden disappearance of employees can actually affect the mood and the productivity of the production floor, and filtering those with poor corporate ethics can really increase the morale of your current employees. Those who passed a series of tests are less likely to leave as they are the ideal people for handling the pressure and problems that come with the job. Aside from boosting morale, tests also give your company a good reputation among clients and future candidates.

Efficient hiring process

Time wasted manually sifting resumes, reviewing, interviewing, and gathering more information means losing more money. The internet speeds up the process – collecting hundreds of resumes in just a few days! But the resume collection does not necessarily mean producing quality results. It is oftentimes the reason why the company hires the wrong person for the job. Giving preemployment tests can actually make the hiring process faster, streamlining it so you can secure an ideal candidate. This will give you an idea of the best candidates for the job so that you can hire the best in the crowd.

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