High-Income Skills Worth Learning


In these testing times, having a well-established career is a luxury. While your degree can reward you with a set of skills, it’s just a small aspect of how you can propel your career. It all starts with choosing the right skill, and gradually advancing it.

Mastering a high-income skill will give you financial peace. No matter what turn your career takes in the future, rest assured that you will have a steady flow of income coming your way if you learn one of these high-paying skills. IT jobs are increasing day by day.

Skills That Will Let the Money Flow In

Digital Marketing – Digital marketing is in great demand these days and rightly so. The world is going digital and our future certainly is digital! You can earn a certificate in Digital Marketing through Google. Yes, you read it right! Google offers an online (of course) certification in Digital Marketing wherein the basics of the subject are covered and passing in each session is mandatory to receive the certificate. A digital marketer can make up to $350 in the initial days without any upper limit, provided he polishes his skills from time to time.

Web Designing – It is needless to say when businesses will go online, they will also require a solid online presence to sell their products/services, and what better way to do so than having an impactful website? Entry-level web designers make around $49,750 annually. With LinkedIn Learning Courses you can learn a hoard of new skills, including web designing.

Blockchain – Blockchain is the storage of valuable information on a server, in a way that it becomes almost impossible to steal or modify, even though everyone has access to it. This technology is likely to bring profound changes in the business world when it comes to trading and investments. On average, a Blockchain Developer makes approx. $150,000 to $175,000 as compared to salaried employees. You can begin understanding the basics of blockchain and take it forward from there on if it suits your interest. Bitcoin forums on Reddit and crypto vlogs on YouTube shall prove to be of help!

Content Writing – Businesses can attract a lot of potential customers just by putting out well-written informative content outlining the features of their products and/or services. You could be already writing as a hobby but if you top it up with some effective content marketing skills, it would be like icing on the cake. Freelance content writers make millions depending on the type of content they write and the clients they work for. A trustworthy platform to learn how to write engaging content would be HubSpot Academy.

Coding – Coding aka computer programming is simply a language that our computers understand. None of the technologies that we use today would exist without coding. Our computers and mobile phones receive our instructions in the form of a code and act upon them accordingly. Simply put, those with coding knowledge can develop various applications and software. These days there is an app for almost everything, which is why computer programmers get paid really well and can never run out of business. Mozilla Developers Network is an excellent source if you are looking out for reliable online platforms to learn coding.

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