3 Effective Steps to Create Corporate Training Videos

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The main objective of every industry functioning today is to make profits while reducing training costs by up to 90 percent. Video training has become the heart and soul of the corporate world and digital media has become the preferred source for any company to function. Every corporate that is functional today is powered by video learning, and if you have not yet found the apt way to leverage the power of digital video, it’s the right time to get on board now.

This article is a comprehensive guide for you, it tells you how to make corporate training videos and how to bring them to efficacy. Creating such videos need strategies and well-learned planning, and it uses passive learning instead of active learning. Here are the 5 steps to creating such effective videos.

Set Your Goals and Plan Your Video

Before you step directly into making videos, you need to learn the strategies well and dig into understanding the business objective. Come together with your design team and analyze the needs together. When you plan, you also give yourself access to various resources that would help in the development process. Understanding the goals and planning beforehand will clarify all your doubts about the video project and will make you ready to face every obstacle.

You need to know your audience well and understand first who is the video for, you need to tap into the needs of your audience and what they expect out of the recent modern video designs. Knowing your audience is the most important key to designing and creating a good training video. Get into their demographics to settle with the location, age, culture, job functions, and background. Always start with a learning objective and ensure that it is clear, concise, and convenient.

You need to bring your video to life, for that:

  • Start building your design team
  • Start selecting your video type
  • Start preparing your equipment
  • Start setting up project plans along with management tools

Scripting and Designing

Always start with the core of the development now, writing a script is very essential for a training video. Make sure you start with an outline and stay focused while you write what you speak. Keep your language super simple and edit your script thrice to avoid errors. You need to work with professionals and sketch out your ideas. Your script should not look monotonous and include surprising and delightful features in it.

Recording and Voicing

The ultimate step is to create, you need to get a hang of some voice-over recording tips. Make sure you record in a quiet place with perfect microphones, use the best software for voicing and editing. Know the right methodical tempo for creating voices. Know when and how to use voice-overs for the best auditory experience in your video.


You need to have deep-end research on corporate videos and their functioning before creating training videos effectively. There are some steps that need to be followed while creating corporate videos so that they don’t go wrong or are ineffective. The article gets you covered with some of the most important steps to make these videos.

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