Step-by-Step Guide to buy Tata Ace Car Insurance

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Tata is a well renowned brand in the automobile industry for its reliable and trustworthy vehicles. Tata Ace, in particular, is one of their most popular mini trucks which is available in 2 variants. If you have bought the cost-effective Ace for your small cargo transportation needs, then you have made a wise decision. The next wise decision you ought to make is getting Tata Ace insurance to protect your vehicle and comply with the Motor Vehicles Act. In this article, we will give you a quick step by step guide to help you through this process.

Step 1: Identify Your Coverage Needs

Understanding your coverage requirements is an important step towards choosing the right insurance plan. There are mainly two types of Tata Ace insurance plans available in the market, namely: Third Party and Comprehensive.

  • If you are simply looking to comply with the law and have coverage that protects financial obligations arising out of damage to third person or their property, then Third Party insurance may be right for you.
  • However, the more advisable option is the Comprehensive plan. This will offer you protection from damages and expenses incurred on your vehicle from a variety of natural and manmade threats. 

Step 2: Choose Add Ons

In continuation to the first step, you should also carefully understand the kinds of add-ons to further safeguard yourself from other risks. The cost of these add-ons is over and above the Tata Ace Insurance price, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. Some popular add-ons include: Zero Depreciation, Accessories Cover, Roadside Assistance, Passenger Protection, and other such covers.

Step 3: Select The Insurance Provider

Having clearly established your base plan and add-ons, you can now compare the terms offered by different insurers before choosing the best company and policy that fits your needs and budgets.  Finserv MARKETS is the ideal place to compare between the different features and benefits of Tata Ace insurance plans and associated terms and conditions.

Step 4: Apply For The Policy Online

Not only comparison, even the application process is simple and convenient at Finserv Markets. The Tata Ace insurance online process is quick, paperless, safe, and you can get started by providing some basic personal information (for KYC) and vehicle details like registration number, make, model, chassis number etc. Once all the information has been duly entered, you can go ahead and make the payment using any of the popular online modes.

Step 5: Receive and Store Policy Document

Your application process will go through a verification process by the insurer’s team. Once it is complete and the application is approved, you will receive the policy documents in hard and soft copies. It is important to match the relevant details mentioned in the policy with vehicle’s registration documents, and highlight any discrepancies immediately.

Another convenient feature of online Tata Ace insurance is the ease of renewal, when the time comes. Since all your details are already stored with the insurance provider, the renewal is a simple 2 step process which involves checking the pre-stored information and making the requisite online payment.

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