Success of grow indiya franchise expo’21

grow indiya franchise

GROW INDIYA FRANCHISE Expo 2021 was on 23rd – 24th December month, this biggest event had a huge success, with more than 1000 + paid visits recorded to date.

The Initiative of Franchise Insider & Divya Bhaskar was there to provide platform to brands expanding on franchise. Indian brands today are competitive and are ready to scale nationally and globally. This accelerator initiative helped them to achieve goals faster.

This Initiative by Franchise Insider founder Dhinal Baxi was India’s one of the leading initiatives which worked across various industries to make the best franchise options available to its investors.  Franchise Insider helped them through the contortions of the franchise world and helped work through it. We worked and ensured the growth and development of the franchise. The Franchise Insider Expo Initiative introduced the best franchises and business opportunities going best with the budget, locations, skills and passions of aspiring entrepreneurs. This was an apt time for entrepreneurship in India. This Franchise Initiative took up the franchise opportunities by buying into an established franchise brands instead of taking the extra risk of an independent start-up.

More than 500 visitors visited on the first day of the 2-day Grow India Franchise Expo 2021 organized by Divya Bhaskar and Franchise Insider. More than 100 business opportunities were being provided in 25 stalls in this expo. In which expert panel discussion was organized. Along with investors, MBA students also took advantage of this expert panel. Which will also held on another day. The expo, which run from 10 am to 6 pm, it offered business opportunities ranging from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 1 crore. Divya Bhaskar CEO Sanjeev Chauhan, Founder Crusto Nature Store, Nirav Sharma and Co-Founder Franchise Insider Dhinal Baxi were present at the expo.

About 17 percent of the total visits came from out of Ahmedabad, while Expo has counted 1000 people through its gates, with the top five most popular people were from Pune, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot also from many other cities.

Franchising as a Business model benefits newbies to gain actual selling experience on the strength of products well-established in the market, with a high reputation and brand recognition. The disadvantage is that you are bound by the Franchise agreement and not much free to make your own innovations in the service model or product range. In franchise model, the customers end up paying a premium price for the products made available by the Franchisee. When the brand has certain perceived prestige attached to it, it might feed the ego of the buyer but would deplete the economy of considerable amount of wealth, if the fad catches too many people with the expo and by Franchise Insider Idea.

In This expo the majority of visitors intend to visit multiple times, with more than half (53 percent) attended the expert panel discussion, more than a quarter (27 percent) were entering with a Multiple times and 20 percent entered and were there for whole day for more insights from the expo.

Divya Bhaskar CEO Sanjeev Chauhan, Founder Crusto Nature Store, Nirav Sharma and Co-Founder Franchise Insider Dhinal Baxi& Sameer Desai had graced the Expo site and being official spoke on the Franchise Business and had an interactive discussion with all officials and audience. Many of the brand were participating first time and recorded and good response in expo and this proved especially popular. The, one of the biggest brands Milk Palace, KabhiB bakery & pastisseries and Grace Coffee on the Expo site, had attracted half a visitors already.

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