Smart Tech Gadgets We Recommend in 2023

Smart Home

New promising smart devices are continuously hitting the market, adding fun, simplicity, and automation to our daily lives. The smart home has jumped from Sci-Fi movies to our real life with jaw-dropping features and applications.

The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence has transformed how we interact with our home appliances. Whether you want to dip your toes in the smart home world or add new gadgets to your growing setup, there is a flood of tech gadgets available to spruce up your life.

Smart technology also plays an important role in enhancing the functionality and efficiency of robot vacuum cleaners. Thanks to smart tech, these devices can autonomously navigate and clean homes with precision. Smart features such as mapping and localization enable the robot vacuum cleaner to create a detailed floor plan of the environment, optimizing its cleaning path and ensuring comprehensive coverage. Additionally, Wi-Fi and smartphone apps allow users to remotely control and monitor the device, scheduling cleaning sessions or receiving real-time status updates. Robot vacuum cleaners can adapt to different surfaces and avoid obstacles, resulting in more effective and thorough cleaning. They rely on brushless motor controllers to navigate. Smart tech enhances the capabilities of robot vacuum cleaners, making them effective, time-saving, and user-friendly tools.

We have added some great smart gadgets to upgrade your living space in 2023.

Smart Locks

Security should be the topmost priority of homeowners. Gone are the days when hiding keys under rocks was considered a smart move. We now have smart and secure locks which you can remotely control.

While choosing a smart lock, prefer a smart lock that does not look like a smart lock so burglars can’t outsmart your keypad. Being invisible, no one can mess with your lock and enter your premises without permission. Smartzone V3 by Danalock is a wireless security camera that delivers top-notch access control with great automation and unparalleled security features.

Smart Bulbs

Smart lighting is a fundamental part of a smart home. When you are going to hit the hay, getting up to turn off the lights becomes a strenuous task. So why not invest in light bulbs and control them from the comfort of your bed? You can turn on or off the lights using an application or voice assistant. You can dim smart lights to create a cozy ambiance while sleeping.

To step ahead, you can geo-fence your home, which will help detect your presence and switch on the lights and vice versa. This way, they save energy and money in the long run. Besides, you will find plenty of smart light options that can complement your home décor aesthetically.

Smart Thermostat

Another great addition to your smart home space is a connected smart thermostat. This helps you remotely control your home’s cooling and heating system.

With the help of a phone or voice assistant, you can set temperature schedules, set consistent temperatures throughout your home using a remote sensor, and add energy-saving features to streamline your smart home truly.

Indoor Smart Security Camera

A major contributor to your smart home security system, an indoor smart camera is a must-have. The best thing about smart security cameras is that you won’t have to compromise on your home décor anymore.

Besides delivering high-quality video footage, smart cameras come in many shapes, colors, or styles to complement your interior décor. You can also disguise your indoor camera in different forms, such as a vase or a toy. This way, burglars will be unable to spot and deactivate them.

Video Doorbells

Do you want to know who’s at the door without getting up from the couch? Invest in a smart video doorbell. You can easily get a video of the person at the door and respond accordingly. A smart video doorbell camera with night vision, motion sensor, and omnidirectional microphone is the greatest weapon against burglaries.

Besides delivering high convenience, this smart device is a first defense against home invasion, property theft, and porch pirates. With this smart security device, you can easily check who’s visited your house while you were away.

Wi-Fi Irrigation Controls

A lush and expansive home garden sounds great. Not only does it serve an aesthetic purpose, but it also boosts your property value. Hosing it down daily in such scorching weather is a major deterrent.  

Luckily, we can install smart irrigation control that automates watering, helping you escape the manual chore of directing water flow. Even if you have a plantable area equal to the size of a townhouse, you can use this amazing device to transform your space. Additionally, a smart irrigation system automatically stops when it rains, saving water bills.

Smart Speakers

A smart speaker is a popular choice among tech-savvy homeowners. Such speakers are connected to Wi-Fi and have a virtual voice assistant to respond to your voice. Some have a touchscreen display, and the premium ones offer high-quality sound.

You can ask for news and weather and even play games. A smart speaker can act as a hub to interconnect different smart devices in your home, such as a water heater, coffee maker, and lights. Some smart speakers are also equipped with a video camera so you can monitor your home remotely or communicate with your family members.

Smart Showers

Intended to save water, a smart shower is another great addition to your smart home. You can spruce up your morning routine and get refreshed the whole day. They are compatible with phones and digital assistants to help you control them from a distance.

They alert you when the required temperature is reached and pause the flow until to get under the shower. Some of the showers also offer a range of spray options to choose from. Some smart showers are also equipped with Bluetooth speakers so you can enjoy music while bathing.

Smart Plug

The smart plug connects different appliances in your home. They are like regular plugs and can be installed in your existing wall outlets. When successfully installed, they automate your home devices using voice assistants like Alexa or Google.

You can turn on or off your appliances and schedule them to start at a set time. For instant, turning the water heater half an hour before waking up or asking your virtual assistant to preheat your cooker before you start cooking. If your budget doesn’t allow investing in different smart appliances, you can use this cost-saving smart plug option to automate your home.

Smart Blinds

Smart technology can even streamline the windows and shades of your home. Smart blinds offer full customization and control of natural light that is striking in your home. These smartly programmed blinds automatically open or close, depending on the time of the day. This helps you passively save on energy bills. You can also control them from the comfort of your bed using an app or voice.

Even more, such blinds will turn off when you get to sleep and turn on before you wake up so you can start your day with natural light. The blinds will close automatically when you are away to keep your home dark and cool.

Final Words

We have a suite of smart home devices today, and we can expect our homes to be smarter in the future as new devices are emerging on screen at a rapid pace. All these devices incorporate automation, efficiency, and ease in our homes while saving us money in the long run.

From smart home security to smart home utilities and entertainment devices, we have plenty of options to transform our living space. If you have not already, 2023 is the best time to begin your smart home journey and live an upgraded life.

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