Self-Storage Hacks – Don’t Avoid this

Self-Storage Hacks

It is a fact that self-storage units are the current best option of holding your belongings to prevent them from taking up most of your apartment space. Obviously, the available size of your storage unit largely depends on how you keep it. According to, the cost of storage units vary greatly depending on its price. The larger the unit, the more the cost, which for sure you wouldn’t want to incur. Well, you are lucky since there are some few self-storage hacks that can help keep more stuff in small units.

Look up

Storage units should be organized in its three-dimensional appearance. Ensure that you maximize its height as its length and width. Have portable shelves to stack various items up against the walls. Don’t worry that they may topple over or it might be difficult to get the boxes at the lower bottom of the stack. Similarly, if couches or long furniture pieces are among your items, stack them at the far end, and you will be amazed at how much this small space can take up.

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Break them down

If you want to keep furniture at the units, ensure that you break them down as much as possible. For instance, remove the legs from tables, disassemble bed frames, and much more. This saves a lot of space. Massive and seemingly large tables will only take up a few inches from the wall, leaving a lot of space. You should also bundle the legs together and keep them in one spot. Hardware used, including screws, should also be collected in marked plastic bags and taped to prevent loss.

Label Everything

Make sure that you label all the boxes kept in the storage unit. It is prudent to do this when packing as you might confuse the items later. This makes it easier to find items in the future if you need to access them.

Plan for temperature changes

Well, this might not be an issue in some countries, but there are some items that don’t relate well with too much heat or cold. Based on the item, have them double wrapped, stored in insulated bags or left in the open. Electronics, old photos, and vinyl records, for instance, are affected by various weather changes in the storage unit.

Self-Storage Hacks

Protect the space

Whereas you are concerned about your property in the unit, you should also look out for the unit itself. Note that it is a rented space and you can face hefty fines for damaging or scarring the unit during the period of your tenancy. That said, if you rent a self-storage unit for your restoration or flipping business, ensure that you cordon off the walls and floors using plastic to prevent sprays and glue drips.

Try your Tetris skills

When organized well, even the smallest self-storage units can hold a lot of items. However, the deal is in proper organization of the items to save space. This means packing the space to full, all the way to the ceiling. Try out your Tetris skills by having plywood lay across packed boxes to help stabilize the layers as you stack them up.

Put the hacks above to practice if you want to get the most from your self-storage unit.

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