Trip to Donegal: Have a Great Experience for me

Trip to Donegal

Donegal is known for its wide stretched ocean, sand dunes, quaint villages, and never-ending local flavours. The charm of this region spreads out to nearby counties making it among the topholiday destination for many. A one-day visit to Donegal won’t be enough to see and experience all the sights and relaxing atmosphere. You should plan at least a one-week trip to this region, thanks to who can provide amazing cottages for rent during your stay.

With the few days to experience this county, some of the best places to stop by are outlined below.

Traverse the endless Donegal beaches

Donegal boasts of countless beaches that should provide your first relaxing point once you land in this region. Well, one particular beach you should consider visiting is the Narin/Poortnoo beach, which offers spectacular golden sand, perfect for strolling, running or relaxing on.

Visit the Malin head

This is the most northern part of entire Ireland. The Malin head extends to the sea and opens into the coastline to a seemingly endless ocean to the epic horizon. With such scenic beauty, this area will definitely astound you with the views. It is due to this that this region contributes to various cinema history. From the highest point of the Malin head, you can get an ice cream from the Glen House Ice Cream Parlour and head out for some spectacular sunset spots.

Take a road trip on the Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way is a scenic coastal route that doesn’t run short of wonderful and spectacular sights. This will undoubtedly make your road trip enthralling and full of memorable sights. The greatest section of this highway is found around Donegal. Road tripping around this section is fine, if the cliff faces, seaside towns, beach views, and quaint villages are to be enjoyed.

Enjoy sightseeing at the Glenveagh National Park

The Glenveagh National Park is a perfect destination for nature lovers. It is located right at the heart of the county with an expansive area covering lakes, forestry, small mountains, and endless views.

Glenveagh National Park

Tour the Bundoran

Better known by Donegal locals as “Fundoran,” you can let loose your tourist nature in this outstanding seaside town. The beach town has everything any tourist could want. It makes it a great destination for families looking to enjoy their Donegal experience. Apart from the amazing beach, the town offers interesting water parks with twisting slides, playgrounds, seaside funfair and junks.

Arranmore Island

Before leaving Donegal, make sure that you set foot in the Arranmore Island. It is located off Donegal’s coast and fully speaks for itself. It is a good place to visit if you need some peaceful and tranquil spot to spend time. You can rent and ride an electric bike around the island, make quick stops for one or two drinks, and enjoy the peaceful Arranmore culture.

The island is certainly a good way to wrap up your Donegal experience.

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