Personal Goals in Nursing Career

Nursing Career

During my current work at the hospital as the nurse in the surgery unit, I realized the importance of professional knowledge in everyday work of the modern medical stuff. For this reason I find it important to develop my own professional knowledge in order to be able to provide better help to the patients. My current achievements encouraged me to desire the higher level of qualification so that I could conduct the broader scope of the nursing activities. I realize that it is only thorough development of professional skills and achieving necessary knowledge I can fulfill my objectives.

I have high determination to participate in, or conduct, such activities of nurse practitioner as:

  • Assessing patient health status
  • Providing disease prevention and health promotion services
  • Diagnosing and treat common acute health problems
  • Managing care for stable, but chronically ill patients
  • Managing prenatal care during pregnancy
  • Participating in, or managing, clinical research projects (Indiana University School of Nursing)

I believe that participation in those activities shell allow me to maximize my utility as the member of the nursing team and also allow me to implement and broaden my knowledge in the field which I believe can be applied with greater potential benefit then they are now. Personal development is become the main force that would allow me to achieve the higher level of professionalism.

My high determination to become a acute care nurse practitioner is not only tightly connected with my desire to have a wider educational background in nursing but also with understanding of my role in the nursing process. My primary goal here is to serve the people who need me and make a difference in people’s life for it is the only reason why a person would choose medicine for a profession.

It is often the work of the nurse that help the patient go through challenges and overcome obstacles, so the ability to serve as the acute care nurse practitioner is much more than the recognition of the educational achievements; it is the chance to help those who need that help the most (Wright State University-Miami Valley).

I am strongly determined to achieve my goal of becoming acute care nurse practitioner since it shell allow me conduct a high level nursing care and high level of educational background, which is my objective and the first step towards the provision of effective everyday care to the patients that require it. Provision of that care is my main goal that actually determines my desire to success in masters in nursing program.There are a lot of nursing students who experience difficulties in academic writing and they have a great opportunity to address a professional nursing essay writing service which can be very helpful in your academic life.

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