Recycle old posts for traffic

recycle old posts

Recycle your old post that readers had enjoyed reading and appreciated information that helps the new readers after many months later.

But unfortunately, in a way our sites are structured, old posts always leave our website home page after someday as well as they leave our visitors radar too.

Reason for recycle old posts:

  • You can expose your articles to more readers now comparing to when you posted it previously.
  • When your new articles makes you in trouble, old articles can be used as a life saver.

Here are few technique how you can recycle old posts:

Re-share on social media sites:

Simply add more information to the post and change the date to bring your post to home page. Share on social media so that more readers get a notification for new changes. It’s a good idea to promote on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

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Link to a old post:

While creating a new post always make a link to related old posts so that readers get a overview of article you are referring to. For too many posts you can use several plugins that helps you to auto interlinking of your site.

Use related post:

Add a relates posts section that helps you to promote your old posts. This may value your site SEO through internal linking.

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Make your old post in a sidebar:

You can create a sidebar widget through which you can show some of your old posts. Like slideshow or simple image you can mark up old posts in a single view.

Make most commented posts in a sidebar:

Make your popular post in a sidebar that received most comment from readers. This can increase more readers when they get a chance to be in a front row.

All these are very essential for promoting old posts as well as recycle the behavior of getting traffic. This strategy keeps promoting old content after a while when they are going too far from front row.

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