Ready to Travel Again? Here’s Why You Should Check Travel Insurance Online

travel insurance

International travel can never lose its charm. Although it is a tough time for the whole world, yet travelers from every nook of India must be looking for their next trip, whether for business, leisure, or studies. Considering all the travel precautions and new travel advisory, you can make your travel itinerary. But, the most important thing you should check is travel insurance online.  From unexpected trip delays to missing baggage, medical emergency, or personal accident, it covers your travel risks so that you can enjoy every bit of your stay abroad. If you are ready to open up your wings once again here, read how online travel insurance can help?

Contact Less: The best part of opting for online travel insurance is that you do not need to go to the branch office to buy it. You can browse the plans available online, fill in your required details, calculate the premium, select the plan, and there you go. You will get your policy documents online on your registered email id without getting into anyone’s contact. It’s 100% COVID safe.

Quick and Easy: You do not need to be tech-savvy to buy foreign travel insurance. Only you need internet access; you can buy it from your desktop, laptop even from your mobile phone. The process is so quick and easy. You will get your insurance in few clicks. 

Various Options: You will get a plethora of options online. You can compare plans on different aggregators’ portals and select the one that suits your travel requirements. Leading players like Care Health Insurance, ICICI Lombard, Go Digit offer customized travel insurance online with a single trip and multi-trips options and numerous benefits, including coronavirus coverage as well. 

Premium Calculator: Now, you can calculate the premium for online travel insurance of your own. Visit the official websites of any leading travel insurance company, fill the form and get the quote along with the amount of premium. There are no hidden or extra charges other than the premium; you can easily make the most affordable choice. 

Easy Comparison:  When you are buying international travel insurance online, you can simultaneously compare various plans. You can read about their features, benefits, exclusions, premium, terms, and conditions in one go. In this way, you can make the most informed decision for safe travel.

Read Reviews: These days, companies like Cover Trip have customers’ voices or testimonials sections on their official websites; you can read them easily. These reviews give you an overview of how good a company is doing and its after-sales services. So,  you can check it and opt for a company that has good reviews and ratings. 

List of Network Hospitals: While browsing about the plans online, one important thing you can check is the list of network hospitals empanelled with the travel insurance company globally. This information is beneficial during any medical emergency in a foreign country. Also, pick the plan from the insurer that has a maximum number of network hospitals abroad. 

Higher Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR): Never overlook the claim settlement ratio; it gives you an idea about the insurance company’s reliability to settle the claim. Most companies mentioned their CSRs on their official websites; you can check it and buy online international travel insurance from the company with higher CSR. 

Online Discount: Buying online overseas travel insurance gives you many reasons to smile, and an online discount is one of them. These days good companies like Care Health Insurance and other offers family option discount, etc. 


So, browse the travel insurance online and plan your next overseas trip while chilling at home.

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