Pros and Cons of Private Sector Jobs

Private Sector Jobs

Got a great education, talent and enthusiasm in abundance – finished your university education, earned your degree and ready to start your career. The only problem you face at this time is, you’re not sure what to do next.  In the recent competitive era, with plenty of options to choose from, believe me, it isn’t always easy making key career decisions. This is even more difficult if your degree doesn’t guide you into a specific profession, such as marketing, law, accounting or medicine. For young job seekers opting private job or Sarkari Naukri is always a point of confusion. It is undoubtedly true that both sectors have their own pros and cons. If you wish to join Government Job in India or Private Job then it is important to study the advantages and disadvantages of a particular sector. This article discusses the bright and dark side of private jobs.

Advantages of Private Sector Work

The topmost benefit of the private-sector job is the handsome salary packages. Private-sector job offers a lucrative salary package to freshers in comparison to other sectors. For example, the big tech giants and management companies are offering fascinating pay scales to their employees. Further, I must say that it is a place for talented people. Globalization opened the doors for foreign companies and liberal economic policies are diversifying the activities of companies. The other biggest advantage of Private Sector work is that it ensures rapid career growth. Hard and smart work is the only golden rule to succeed in this area. Your work skills are the key drivers of promotion. In addition, new clients, new projects and tight deadlines make this sector very challenging. The dynamic atmosphere of this sector gives hard-working professionals a high degree of job satisfaction. In the private sector, there is also a very low chance of transfer. You need not worry about your job role transfer.

Disadvantages of Private Sector Work

Let’s talk about the cons of a private job. It is really difficult to survive in the cut-throat competitive corporate lifestyle. To keep growing employees have to be constantly on their toes. Moreover, private-sector employees are more prone to layoffs and job cuts. During the time of economic downfall or recession corporate employees has a high degree of job risk. The companies do not hesitate to terminating under-performing employees or at the time of business loss. The private sector is not a guarantor of job.  Furthermore, the tight deadlines, high-quality works, hectic work schedule and more work pressure creates a stressful environment in private jobs. Sometimes, overtime shifts toll employees mentally as well as physically. Another disadvantage of working in the private sector is the lack of benefits. There are a number of perks and allowance benefits for government employees. Like Sarkari Naukri, these jobs do not offer pension plans to the retired staff. To conclude, I can say that the private job offers high salary packages and a high degree of accountability. This sector also leads to faster career progression. By keeping in mind the above-mentioned points, one can have a fair idea of whether to go for govt jobs or private jobs.

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