Principles-First Web Design And Other Professional Approach To Follow

Principles-First Web Design

In order to beat the competition and ensure success in business in today’s marketplace all businesses must think of their business principles first. This will help them to design a business strategy and most importantly a business website that will be based on principle-first design.

You may tend to think what your business principle really has to do with web design. Well, your business principle will be the guiding star for your web designing journey. A simple example will help you understand the need of principle and a principle-first web design.

  • Assume that a visitor suddenly comes across your site while surfing the internet at random.
  • Also assume that the visitor has no prior knowledge of your brand, business, product or service.

For such a user, your website will be the immediate brand. It is your marketing team that may have generated this lead but it is your responsibility to ensure that the website you design represents the values that you and your business live by in the most appropriate and result driven way.

In order to do so, you will need to ensure a few things right at the outset. These are:

  • You will need to make sure that your web designer, member of your in house web development team or a professional web design New York, know and understand your business values to represent it in the most proper way through the design of your website.
  • It is also required to ensure that the web design starts and establishes a conversation you’re your users. This should happen at the earliest stages of your web design process and it should continue to provide the necessary information all through the different stages of the process.

Till the time your website development is complete, it may seem just like any other variable. However, this is complicated and will surely fragment your web design process.

Your brand and business principles will help your team to be faster, cleaner, accurate and more determined in making decisions in their web design process. Believe it or not, your business principle will work wonders for your web design.

Responsive web design

Given the present business scenario where everything has gone digital, the need to get in touch with the mobile users is paramount. For this you will need to ensure that you web design is more ‘responsive.’ This means you website should work with equal efficacy on a desktop or on a mobile device.

  • You will need to follow the best responsive web designing practices that is followed by the expert web designers in 2019.
  • These practices and trends will be slightly different from those followed in 2018 which was different from those practiced in 2017 and so on and so forth and earlier to that in that order.

This is the time when technological progresses and its use is at its peak allowing consumers to expect and get the best possible personalized user experience. This adds to the need of creating a responsive web design even more so that you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Therefore, you will need to make sure that your web design approach and practice changes as technology evolves to make sure that your website properly adapts and functions well on any and every kindof mobile devices.

Use of micro interactions

This is another useful approach to follow in modern web designing process. Use of micro interactions involves the variables that will allow the user to interact with the web page without even having to reload it.

Look at Facebook for that matter and see how they make the best use of the “reactions” that are represented by the “likes” for a particular post. There are lots of ways in which Facebook does it such as:

  • Reacting with hearts
  • Angry faces
  • Smiley faces and
  • Sad faces.

All these help the users to show their emotions toward a specific post and its content. Even if the page does not reload, the emotion representation remains the same. This means that when you use micro interactions in your web design it will save a lot of your time and at the same time it will make the user experience much more fun.

According to the experts, use of micro interactions will be much more effective and popular in 2019 as well as in the future.

Smart typography

This is something that is most overlooked by most of the web designers but this is essential to create a positive and more responsive typeface. This must be done in addition to the other aspects of the web page so that you make sure that you web design is typically responsive. For example:

  • A desktop version web design may use a Helvetica 24 point in its header and
  • A mobile version of the web page could be more effective if a smaller Arial type is used.

There may be a few specific fonts that may work very well on a big screen but that may be less effective on a smaller screen. This is because these fonts are specifically designed to be used for desktop versions as these fonts are larger and will also appear larger with respect to the rest of the elements on the page.

If you consider the aesthetics, it will be less pleasing when used on a responsive web design. Your primary objective should be in pushing smaller, informative and more important texts into the limelight and not push it away from the users.

Therefore, make sure that you devote enough time and focus on setting up text fonts and titles considering different types and sizes that will be readable on each specific type of mobile device. This is a very crucial factor to ensure a better user experience.

Summing it up Therefore in this age of digital marketing and business landscape, you will need to be knowledge able about mobile devices, the dimensions and its requirements, along with the needs of the users. This will ensure the you give them exactly what they want from you, your brand and product.

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  1. Sir, you write absolutely all things which requires to make attractive design which grabs user attraction and define all necessary principle here that was so helpful for any designer.keep sharing this kind of knowledge sir.Thanks a lot.

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