How Important is Touch Typing Today?

Touch Typing

The world is moving forward rapidly thanks to technology. Technology has made most aspects of our lives easier, but it also brings up new issues for workers who are expected to learn new skills at a dizzying rate. We can make the most out of every technological device through touch typing, a crucial skill that will advance your career and your life. 

Many employees spend all day, every day typing. If you don’t know how to type properly, you will end up wasting a lot of time and energy in the long run, as well as causing yourself a lot of frustration. Touch typing skills will improve your productivity and performance. 

The productivity of any organization depends on how fast the job gets done. Developing your typing skills is all about completing your tasks in a quick and efficient way. Typing not only helps you get your work done but also improves your communication skills with your colleagues and clients. Below are several of the many advantages of touch typing.


One of the primary gains from touch typing is increased speed. Because touch typists rely on muscle memory, they save a lot of time by not having to remind themselves where the keys are by looking down every few words. A trained touch typist can easily write about 75 to 80 words per minute, while an untrained typist can only write an average of 10. 


The more you use effective typing techniques, the more accurate you will be. Typing accurately is not the simplest thing to do but it is essential nonetheless. The more accurate you are, the more confident you will be, and the better your work and your experience will be in the long run. 

Be More Efficient

Improving your typing skills will definitely have an impact on the time you’ll use to get the work done. Increasing your typing speed will save around 35% of the time you spend using a computer. The more words you can type in a specified time frame, the better you’ll perform in your career.

Improve Physical and Mental Alertness

Typing can be exhausting physically and psychologically when done for a long period of time. Improving your touch typing skills will reduce your physical and mental fatigue. Typing with good posture helps you focus on the most important thing: getting the job done.

Boosts productivity

Learning to touch type boosts your productivity and self-confidence. The better you become at typing, the less time you’ll spend doing it and the more accurate you’ll become. Touch typing is a skill that everyone should develop today to improve their lives.

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