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Physical Therapy

Are you recovering from an injury? Are you perhaps suffering from low back pain? In both scenarios, you would undoubtedly benefit from physical therapy (PT.)

No person is willing enough to see a physical therapist until the pain becomes too nagging or the injury process shows no sign of improvement. A physiotherapist can do you a world of good by devising a personal treatment plan to speed up your recovery. PT isn’t only recommended to injured individuals but also to those who wish to stay mobile and healthy.

Follow the tips below to choose the best physical therapist in Jersey City.

Check their special skills

While all physiotherapists receive the same level of mandatory training, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are specialists in treating your particular condition. The basic training they receive makes them skilled in various therapies, such as oncology, geriatrics, neurology, pulmonary conditions, orthopedics, sports, etc. Check out the different types of PT specialties.

For example, neurological physical therapy focuses on assisting patients in recovering from neurological conditions, including strokes and Alzheimer’s. It helps patients recover from brain and spinal injuries by improving their coordination and mobility. This kind of PT is less intense compared to other PT forms.

Pediatric PT, on the other hand, places the focus on the mobility needs of infants, toddlers, and adolescents. It addresses genetic conditions, severe injuries, head trauma, limb disabilities, congenital disabilities, etc. Conversely, geriatric PT addresses mobility issues in the elderly, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and certain types of cancers. 

It’s essential for the practitioner you hire to have the required training to treat your medical condition. Physical therapists certified in a particular discipline have a more focused education, which in turn addresses the needs of specific patients. Fortunately, finding a practitioner with a particular specialty isn’t extremely hard, as a quick internet search can lead you to the best physiotherapists in Jersey City.

Physical Therapy

Cancer patients should look for a practitioner with oncology specialization who is experienced in addressing the needs of patients suffering from cancer. Most physical therapy clinics, such as, offer orthopedic, pediatric, post-surgical, occupational, and women’s pelvic floor PT. Females who experience pelvic issues should finda physiotherapist who specializes in women’s health.

Check if they create personalized plans

The following aspect to consider when looking for a physical therapist in Jersey City is his/her devotion to creating individualized plans. The main rule about PT is that it shouldn’t be universal. Two individuals with the same neurological condition might be treated differently because of the different underlying causes of the condition.

Therefore, patients are strongly advised to find a practitioner who provides personalized care. During the initial meeting, the physiotherapist is expected to outline a personalized plan that defines the goals from the very first day. Nevertheless, the timelines and goals might undergo certain adjustments as time goes by.

Make sure you feel comfortable

Another important aspect to factor in when searching for a physical therapist in Jersey City is your level of comfort. Trust is a vital ingredient in every doctor-patient relationship, and it’s believed to originate from comfort. Since you’ll be spending plenty of time with your physiotherapist, it’s of tremendous importance for you two to get along.

The primary qualities to look for in a physiotherapist are empathy, kindness, and relatability. These practitioners are supposed to relate to the goals of every patient for the outcome to be as successful as possible. Additionally, your physical therapist is supposed to be an active listener, as the diagnostic assessments he/she conducts are mainly derived from the history of patients.

Check if they give homework to patients

Last but not least, you should check whether physiotherapists give out homework to patients. One-hour weekly appointments are usually not enough to accomplish everything on the practitioner’s agenda.

Therefore, your physiotherapist should provide you with take-home materials for you to complete at home in order not to slow your progress down. While it’s the practitioner’s job to provide you with homework, it’s your responsibility to do the exercises at home.

A final note

Find a reliable, kind, experienced, and knowledgeable physiotherapist to pave your way to recovery!

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