How to Maximise Your YouTube Success?

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Video marketing strategy has been on the rise for quite a few years now and is becoming ever more popular for brands all around the world. And, while popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are great places to invest, YouTube remains the giant within the digital arena. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine which means it can help your videos be found quicker than any other social media platform. But, there are still a lot of businesses out there that find the prospect of managing their YouTube channels quite daunting. This is why so many choose to outsource the task to a social media marketing agency. However, if you are wondering how to maximise the potential of your YouTube channel yourself then keep on reading to find out how to do exactly that. 

Build Your Content Around a Single Topic/Keyword

The best way to drive traffic to your videos and grow your audience is by creating content around a single topic/keyword. Many people that don’t know about SEO skip this thought, but it’s important if you want your videos to get as many views as possible. In fact, you should pick your keyword before even creating a video because it will help you collect the best information that surrounds the keyword. Once you have chosen the keyword, you should then check out the videos that are already ranking top for it. 

Reformat Any Existing Content 

Of course, the easiest way of growing your YouTube channel is by creating great content. However, that content doesn’t always necessarily have to be created from scratch. Some of your best videos can be built from content that you have already created. Many users go on YouTube to find answers to questions, so if an existing piece of content solves their problems, then this should be included on your YouTube channel. Many people use YouTube like they would a search engine, and viewing multiple videos on similar topics could be just the perspective they need.

Interact With Your Audience 

YouTube might be the world’s second-biggest search engine but do not overlook the fact that it is a social media platform and therefore needs social interaction. If you are just posting content without encouraging comments and discussion, then your channel is seriously missing out on a trick. YouTube actually rewards channels that have good engagement rates, so try to interact and respond to every comment your videos receive. Answer questions openly and honestly, and remember to get back to the fans if there is anything you don’t have the answer to immediately.

Viewers respond and interact better with a channel they feel brings them value and rewards them with reciprocation. It is a big part of the recipe for a successful YouTube channel.

Brand Your Channel

So, you are creating videos that are attracting viewers which is great. But, is your channel visually appealing? If you want viewers to take you YouTube channel seriously and subscribe to it, then it needs to look professional. Branding your channel will help viewers recognise your content. 

Add a logo, and if you don’t have one, design one. Place the logo into the content periodically so it doesn’t overwhelm the viewer, but enough for them to remember which channel they are currently watching. Using the emblem consistently ensures that viewers associate the visual with the content.

Push For Subscribers

One of the best ways of knowing that your viewers are engaged with your YouTube channel is if they subscribe to it after watching a video. In each video that you upload, ask the viewers to subscribe and interact with your existing subscribers. But, never pay for subscribers as this will only hurt your YouTube channel in the long run.

However, buying views for videos could boost the popularity of the video, making it seem more important for viewers to subscribe. YT-boost best shop to buy youtube views and other similar social media marketing services offers just such a service. Invest in a few more, and your channel will thank you for it.

Remember, if you don’t ask viewers to subscribe to your channel then you could be missing out on a lot of followers. This call to action prompts the viewer to think of the subscribe button, which they can easily forget about otherwise.

Remember Thumbnails

Thumbnails may sound like a minor thing, but they can have a big impact on how successful your videos are. YouTube displays videos in its sidebar menu when a user is watching a video, so you want yours to stand out from the rest. Believe it or not, they are also important when it comes to search. Videos with a catchy title and a creative thumbnail normally rank higher even when the video content isn’t that valuable. People are used to visual marketing, and if they are on YouTube already, they could prefer an eye-catching graphic to reel them in.

Increase Your Posting Frequency 

This may sound quite labour intensive, but in order to grow your number of subscribers, you need to increase your posting frequency to at least 1 or 2 videos per week. And, you don’t need a video production company or large advertising budget to get this done either. These days, smartphones have brilliant recording abilities and editing features which makes video editing really easy for anyone. The most important thing is that you are posting consistently. Try to post on the same day each week and at roughly the same time.

Over to You

So now that you have learnt how to maximise the potential on your YouTube channel, it’s now over to you to make the necessary changes and adapt your strategy. Once you have made the changes, the chances are you are going to see a big difference in your video views and number of subscribers. 

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