It is a known fact by now that scoring well in the olympiads is not an easy task for someone who just goes there without any preparation and then hopes they will magically be at the top of the exam result list. It takes a lot to score well in this well-known assessment held nationwide, if not a lot you need to strategize it well along with the hard work that you must put in, let nobody guide you otherwise. Here this article is looking to help the students who are ready to put their souls in preparation and not ready to give up in any given situation.

There are a few things one needs to take care of before they gear up for preparing and get into solving the practice books. Below mentioned are a few tips and tricks to help you which might come in handy while you are on the journey of your success, so keep them in the back of your mind and get going.


This is the most underrated thing that students tend to ignore when they start preparing for a big test like this one but it is always suggested to take a close look at the syllabus well before you begin to do the real solving and practising. Now if you ask why it gets so important, it is because you might get to know that they have made some updates in the syllabus from the last time and then you putting in all the effort to solve that topic just contributed nothing to your preparation. So to save you from a little heartbreak later just take out some time and do a little homework there in this department. When a student wants not just to pass but to be a top scorer, one needs to give importance to these little details that make a big difference in the overall performance. 

Be positive

Now your mental health plays a key role in you performing well in any examination, so it gets quite important that you stay positive and motivated all this time while you are in the midst of your preparation also since it is not a matter of a few days, it is a long journey and hence it gets even more important that you should keep yourself motivated and have that confidence in you that no matter what, you are in for a win and you are not going to stop any which ways.  

Give yourself sufficient time

It is recommended that you should start well in time for the preparation if you want to score well, so if we are talking about tips this point needs to be counted and noted that nothing else will help you as much as time, so give time for your preparation make a proper schedule that you need to follow, keep proper time for rest, make a routine and decide beforehand that you need to complete this amount of task in this time range. This would make sure of two things, one that you do not take too much time for a single chapter or topic and second that you would have proper time for revision. Now Revision is another important topic when talking about preparation so keep it to discuss further in detail and come to the first point that is taking a specific amount of time for a particular chapter. This needs to be noted that students tend to give too much time to a chapter when they are at the beginning of the preparation and end up panicking in the last when they have less or no time left, this is the last thing you want to do and hence start by making a time frame giving time for each chapter according to the content and difficulty. 

Know your Strengths and Weaknesses

This turns out to be a very important factor in an examination that gives limited time and has a decent number of questions. If you know that you are good at some of the topics and can solve them in less time you can start by preparing and giving more time to the topics where you need more focus, same goes when you are solving the test paper, if you know that you know a few of the questions very well you can keep it for solving in the last but do not forget that you need to keep enough time for that as well so plan before you start solving and you will end up solving the whole question paper.

Take help from the Internet

The Internet is the most immediate source of abundant information. You can refer internet to help you in preparation, you have inexhaustible data that you can prepare yourself with if you start looking into the net, you can learn anything about any topic if you feel you still have doubts and are not clear with the concept, you can look into unlimited questions and solutions of those questions. Not only for learning it can even help you get an idea about how people who scored well earlier prepare themselves for the same exam and try their approach of learning this might also help you in different ways.

Solve Previous Year Question papers

In continuation of the above point, you can use the net for solving previous year’s question papers. you have the questions from previous years provided to you on many sites free of cost like IMO Class 7 2013 Question Paper. Solving these questions will boost the confidence in you and you will have that motivation that you would be able to solve any given question in the future.

Scoring good in an exam not only takes hard work but also a good plan, so give yourself, plan your path towards the goal and then start walking, do not be in a hurry, do not panic, be focused and no obstacle will be big enough to keep you away from the destination.

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