New Google adsense user? Things you should keep in mind

Google AdSense

If you are a new google adsense user, here are few tips which you should consider in mind:

Google adsense: Tips and tricks

  • Make sure all details are accurate (name, address, etc.) while signing up.
  • Your name and bank account name will be same because AdSense cheque will be the same as your account name.
  • You will get a PIN number at the address you mentioned when signing up. This works also as an address verification too, prior to make a payment.
  • AdSense will support for telephone to all AdSense publishers.
  • You can receive payment to another payee name as well with AdSense EFT payment.
  • You can also refer to the official documentation to read more about AdSense payment policies.
  • You can keep a minimum payment threshold for your payment which is greater than $100.
  • Until the 20th of a given month, you can update your payment preference.

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