Marketing to Gen Z: How to Promo a Biz Without Being a Boring Boomer

Gen Z

We’re welcoming a new age of people: Gen Z. This generation is made up of 72 million people born between 1996 and 2010. 

The growing generation is the most diverse, makes up the largest amount of eligible voters, and has the potential to change the world. Still, it can be tough to understand their lingo, memes, and things they are interested in. 

And that’s ok because new generations are bound to come with some kind of gap. But that doesn’t mean marketing to Gen Z has to be a pain. It just means you need to work a little harder to see things from their perspective.

Here are some ways to get through to them.


Now, if you’re looking for engagement with Gen Z and social media, look no further than clicking away. Setting up many polls on your Instagram stories is a great way to get Gen Z engaged with your brand or company. 

It’s the mindless clicking that is fun and alluring to that generation, and you can use it to really help and grow your business. Use these polls to actually gather information about what your target audience prefers to see or have in a product. 

The engagement with your brand account will go up and you’ll have valuable information that you can use to improve your business. 


Next up are challenges. There’s nothing more fun to Gen Z’ers than an opportunity to be creative and to potentially get something out of it! 

You can also do this on tons of different social media platforms with different effects. If you create TikTok challenges, you can watch the users take it by storm if you have a good audience. 

Challenges are also great because they foster a little bit of community within your followers. People can like and share all of their favorite takes on a challenge and enjoy each other’s creativity. 


Finally, there’s the power of the giveaway. Did we say there’s nothing more fun to Gen Z’ers than a challenge? 

We were only a little off: Giveaways are where it’s at. If you’re looking for high engagement and a surefire way to market to Gen Z, it can almost always be done with a giveaway.

Just look at David Dobrik! And while you may not have a never-ending supply of luxury sports cars at your disposal, anything free will often do the trick. 

Most giveaways add to some high engagement with your platform because they ask participants to like, follow, and share in order to qualify. It’s as easy as that so long as you’re willing to part with some of your goods. 

Marketing to Gen Z Is Easy

And just like that, you’ve got three surefire methods when it comes to marketing to Gen Z. And they’ve never been easier to create and execute! 

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start mending the generational divide and connecting with a group of people that can boost your company for the better.  If you liked this post and found it helpful, check out some of our others, and don’t forget to come back again soon for more content. 

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