Learn Some Financial Assistance Available for Single Mothers

Single Mothers Financial Assistance

In today’s world, the economy is becoming tougher and tougher each passing day. Living standards are going higher each passing minute. This has led to the majority of people finding it difficult to cater to their necessities. The challenge is even tougher for single parents, with a higher percentage of single parents comprising of single mothers.

In most cultures, the norm is that the male participants are the breadwinners in a family set-up. For single mothers, they take over the male’s responsibility as the family’s breadwinners. They become responsible for catering for the day to day needs of their families. This can drain their energy, since raising children is not that simple a task. Raising a kid is already tough, even when both parents are involved. How much tougher it is then for a single mother. Child-rearing is very expensive for single mothers. As a result, most mothers find themselves financially strained and behind on bills.

Are you such a mother, wishing to give your kid the best things in life, but too financially strained to even cater for your kid’s basics? Well, all hope is not lost. There are many diverse ways in which single mothers can get financial assistance to meet the necessities for themselves and their dependents as well. Different programs offer financial assistance to single mothers. These programs include health and daycare provisions for kids, provision of funding for food and housing, helpful online loans, training of skills and jobs as well as provision of financial aid for higher education.

This article explains some of the most effective financial assistance programs that are available for single mothers.

Government programs for single mothers.

These are federal programs that use allocated funds to offer government social services to single mothers and their kids. If you would like to know what your government provides social services, you could visit the Benefits.gov website. This website provides information on the available programs as well as how a single mother can go about applying for such.

The following are some of the commonly available government programs:

a.) Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF)

This is a grant program by the government that offers additional cash to single and working mothers. There is a set of financial criteria for single mothers who can benefit from this grant program. First, the children of single mothers should be under six years. The single mothers should also be participating in a specialized job training for 20 or so hours per week. If a single mother has kids older than six years, then they should be working or training for 30 or more hours per week.

b.) Food Programs

These programs are led by the Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This program offers food stamps to single mothers who qualify for other forms of welfare payments for food. The funds generated by the SNAP program can be allocated for use on any food, except alcohol.

Another alternative food program is Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program. This program focuses on pregnant women, single mothers, and kids under the age of 5. The program provides food of high nutrition to its members.

c.) Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

This is another federal program that helps single mothers in their housing. The local public housing agents give single mothers housing vouchers. The coupons assist in the payment of rents. These particular housings should meet the least health and safety standards.

Single mothers who qualify for this program are those whose income does not exceed 50% of the average household income of their community. If you are interested in such a program, you could contact the local public housing in your area to find out.

Emergency financial assistance for single parents

Setting aside funds for possible emergencies is an essential thing for every person. However, for single mothers, the strain on their budget is, at most times, too tight. This leads to most single mothers lacking any finances for emergencies. Therefore, when problems such as loss of employment or health issues befall single mothers and their kids, big financial crises are created and could lead to homelessness and poor diets.

To help them deal with emergencies, some lenders provide online loans to single mothers. These online loans are helpful like BugisCredit at most times. The single mothers considering taking up such loans should, however, be careful and do their research about the lending terms. This is because some loans could be generating too high and unaffordable interest rates, which would put double the strain on a single mother. Planning before taking up these online loans should be done by single mothers. That way, they will ensure that the received online loans are useful in the long run.

Another alternative for acquiring emergency financial assistance would be paid from the government. There are federal programs that offer such support. To know if your state has these programs, you could visit the state offices or websites to find out. These are free grants by the government, and you are not required to pay for anything to receive the emergency financial assistance. If you are eligible and meet the set criteria, then you will automatically qualify for this kind of aid.

Financial assistance for education

With the right academic qualifications and financial need, there exist several aid programs for those children pursuing higher education. First, there are online loans that have lesser interest rates to be paid in a sufficient duration of time. There are also available federal grants that are sent to single mothers with children who pursue higher education.

These government grants work by providing scholarship funds to single mothers. The single mothers could be pursuing higher education themselves or have children at higher education institutions. An example of such helpful federal grants is the Pell Grants. These grants are provided to low or moderate-income families with single mothers as the breadwinners. Students submit applications for the Pell Grants and other government education financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. This form can be obtained at any college financial assistance office. There are also websites with lists of financial aid agencies, which can help single mothers find out what’s available in their state.


If you are a single mother, we thoroughly understand the financial strain that you could be under. However, you need not worry. Different financial assistance programs have got you covered. You could opt for legit online loans. Or rather, you could find the available government financial assistance programs in your state and apply for such. This article gives just the guide to the available options.

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