Ten Unbelievable Facts About Mobile App Development

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Mobile apps are quickly taking over our lives into play an important role on how we get entertained, communicate, do the shopping and operate our businesses. For businesses mobile apps have become more of an asset that extends its reach and help it connect easily with the customers residing at any part of the world. Although we have known mobile apps for all the amazing services they provide us; but there are some development facts that you are still not aware of.

In order to help you extend your knowledge about mobile apps, here is a list of ten unbelievable facts about mobile app development.

Mobile Apps Are Used More Than Websites

Users on average spend almost 80% of their day’s time over an application because of the ease of use. Clicking on an app is easy and effortless unlike visiting a website to get all the details.

More Than 80% Developers Use Two Or More App Development Platform

A majority of developers develop apps for Android, iOS, or both. Developing an app for different platforms makes it easy to monetize the app in addition to offering it for a wider range of audience.

Android Has Highest Number Of Apps

With 2.8 million apps, Android has the highest number of applications if compared to the number of applications available in the other app stores. Play Store has 2.2 million apps.

Advertising Forms The Most Popular Revenue Model For Apps

Used by 38% of developers globally, advertising forms the most prominent marketing medium for app to be monetized. In-app purchase, freemium are some of the most important mediums.

Android Is Most Popular App Development Model

With its specific set of features available for a wide range of applications, Android tops the popularity chart for developers across the world. However, the platform is still perceived as a less profitable one as compared to iOS.

Millenials Prefer To Make Purchase Through Mobile Apps

Millenials prefer to shop online through mobile apps, making it one of the most preferable shopping mediums. It is important to have an influential app design to keep users onboard on a shopping application.

There Are Around 5 Million Apps Available To Download

There is a wide range of applications available for users to download from Google Play Store and App Store. When combined Google Play Store having 2.2 million apps and App Store having 2 million apps, and Windows having 0.7 million apps along with many third party apps, the total number of apps is around 5 million.

Everyday App Release On App Stores Is Quite Exciting

On average at least 4000 apps are released on Google Play Store everyday followed by 1000 apps on the App Store on a daily basis. The number of these every release is gradually increasing.

Most Apps Are Eventually Deleted

Mobile application released on any of the App Stores sometimes can’t make it to the downloaded list owing to a number of reasons. These apps are eventually deleted as they do not have any importance for users.

60% of Apple App Store Apps Are Never Downloaded

It is quite an interesting fact that after less than 72 hours (when an app is released to App Store) an app is deleted, These were some of the most interesting facts about mobile app development that you don’t have heard of. Hope the facts have added more to your knowledge of app development.

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