Is Scrum Master and Project Manager the same?

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As we all know, Scrum is an agile framework where complex problems are tackled quickly with the goal of delivering high-value products. The Scrum team is led by the Scrum Master as a servant-leader.

A Scrum Master is someone who makes sure a project team applies Scrum principles successfully. They can support team members, work out problems as they arise, run team meetings, and teach teams about best Scrum practices.

The Scrum Master is responsible for enhancing the product that his team is delivering in Agile projects. It is clear that the role of the Scrum Master is quite narrow and well-defined. In order to accomplish this, they facilitate Scrum-specific activities, including sprint planning, review, and retrospective.

Professionals who coordinate a team to ensure projects are finished on schedule, within the budget, and meet their goals are known as project managers. A project manager is a business expert that works for the company as an employee or consultant and leads and manages projects.

They are a leader who, regardless of the organization or sector, manages a project on a daily basis, including the resources and scope of business requirements; they are in charge of team management all the way down to the individual level.

The project manager oversees every part of the project, is in charge of it as a whole, and supervises the numerous project teams. A project’s competing limiting and restricting elements must be balanced in order to get optimal results, which is a difficult task.

Similarities & Differences

They are both capable of communicating, taking in criticism, reducing risks, and fostering strong team bonds. Agile ideals and principles are their areas of expertise, and Scrum Masters are skilled in teaching, coaching, mentoring, and facilitating others’ adoption of these ideas.

Additionally, the project manager oversees the stakeholders’ scope. Therefore, the Project Manager is accountable for requirements and content. The Scrum Master has no connection to any requirements, content, or products.

The following article will look at their characteristics while you can benefit from all agile courses offered in different parts of the world. All you have to do is search and select the one that befits your preferences.

The Main Role

The Project manager is the main point of contact for the initiative and performs leadership duties, whereas the Scrum Master serves as a servant leader and a team facilitator.


The Scrum master takes the lead in coaching and educating the Scrum Team and Stakeholders about Scrum. It makes it easier for the developers to add additional value to the finished product.

As opposed to this, the project manager makes sure that various components of the project are properly handled and within acceptable bounds. Additionally, it strikes a balance between stakeholder expectations and project goals.

Skills & Efficiency

The team requires the scrum manager to be a great coach, mentor, teacher, facilitator, promoter, activator, and supporter. While a project manager must possess all aspects of leadership, including the ability to effectively communicate, make decisions, negotiate, and inspire others.

Working Criteria

Software development, IT and non-IT businesses, manufacturing, construction, etc., are just a few examples of the diverse industries where scrum masters work. In contrast, project managers are qualified to work on any type of project in any industry sector.

The Main Expertise

The scrum manager should be an effective coach with solid Scrum knowledge. Project managers are qualified and trained to plan properly, design, implement, and complete projects.

Degree of Flexibility

Scrum masters operate inside the Agile framework. Scrum manager indicates that companies can add additional practices that provide value while adhering to the Scrum principles and standards. While project managers have more freedom to choose the best approach and adjust it to suit their needs, they are less flexible in their jobs.


Last but not least, it’s essential that a project manager’s position be more leadership-oriented. While the function of the Scrum Master is more of a facilitator and coach. Both positions in a company carry a lot of credibility. The Project Manager lends credibility to each stakeholder associated with the project they are managing, whereas the scrum master adds credibility to the scrum framework. The article has given concise information on the concerned topic, you can always return to the site for important info.

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