New Trend In The eCommerce Gifting Industry To Scale Up Your Business

eCommerce Gifting Industry

With the newest e-commerce video gift messaging extension, you can customize the gifting experience for your customers.

Although your clients may adore your stuff, they will recall the unique experience of sharing their favorite item with a loved one. You can now capture these moments even if you are not physically present, thanks to e-commerce video gift messaging.

It’s all about the presentation

The most advanced option to improve your customers’ gift-giving experiences while reaching the gift receivers, a whole different audience, is video gift messaging. We think your brand’s durability and affinity are ultimately determined by the experience you provide to your clients.

Unboxing is important, regardless of the gift’s size. Let the sender influence this vital moment and provide a personal link to the recipient. Let it leave a profound and long-lasting impression on the recipient. Make yourself stand out from the competitors by using the emotional connection as your flying aid.

Why do Customers love it?

It is imperative to attend to the demands of the consumer, and establishing a personal connection with them is now more important than ever. The following are the reasons why video messages differ from other client personalization methods:

Happy Moments

Gifts are meant to make people happy and close the distance between them. Let your products shine to their best potential by adding personalized video messages to deepen the relationship. As a result, you’ll see an increase in repeat business in addition to greater profundity in the appreciation of the gifts themselves.

Personal Touch

Without the distinct personality of the sender, no present is appreciated more. The video message lets the recipient experience the sender’s warmth, joy, and love.


The kind of present your customers selects always conveys how much they value, care for, and respect the recipient. In addition, the video message will enhance the senders’ image in the eyes of the recipient.


Who doesn’t enjoy showing off a unique gift? Be the source of joy when consumers discover the ideal present. Let the recipients experience the awe and show it with pride.


Everyone is giddy with anticipation over a gift. Before unveiling the gift, allow your consumers to send exciting videos. Let the objects of your love and affection be the beneficiaries.

How To Add This To Your Business

Adding this functionality to your gifting platform will completely transform your company. The steps to get started are as follows:

  1. Visit the video message gift app and complete the contact form there. Give a brief description of your business and the video gift messaging solution you’re hoping to implement.
  2. Emotional Commerce will provide the appropriate solution for your store based on your business strategy and e-commerce platform.
  3. Once online, a call to action along your clients’ customer journey will allow them to select an event and upload or record a video message.
  4. This video message is safely archived and instantly transformed into a distinct URL and QR code.
  5. The one-of-a-kind QR code of your customer is saved to their order and made available for fulfillment along with the rest of it.

The complete Emotional Commerce system has been designed to be adaptable enough for every fulfilling process; no specific procedures or tools are required.

Visit our platform and contact us by phone or email with any questions. We’ll be more than pleased to assist you.

Boost your Business

It’s new and different to experience video gifting. However, in terms of Commerce, it might assist your establishment in meeting the demands of both the sender and the recipient. The reasons why having it on your platform are as follows:

Emotional Connection

It facilitates an emotional connection between the sender and the recipient. It enables individuals to express their true feelings while assisting the recipient in interpreting their facial expressions.

Additionally, video messages increase customer confidence in your shop for all their gifting needs. Your clients will know that their personalized messages will be sent together with their products or services if you use video messaging.

Human Connection

Humans have a basic need to see faces, expressions, and interactions. So give your customers access to a personalized video along with their purchase to show that you are a brand leader who offers and values them. Human connection has never been more important with the pandemic wreaking havoc over the past two years.

Be the conduit via which your gift-givers communicate directly with their loved ones. By fostering connections among people, you can enhance and improve your gifting experience!

Brand Builder

Customers require a business that values and cares about their needs. Your store develops a brand thanks to the patrons. Therefore, it is crucial to consider their needs and uphold those ideals above all else.

Make a place in their hearts by being the conduit for the sender’s private communications! Improve your status from a retailer to the source of all gifts!

From thoughtful crafting, cruelty-free materials and gorgeous presentations, Remarq accessories elevate a life of style, imagination, and productivity.

Connection Is Must

Whether it’s for better or worse, your consumers will never forget the details of their interactions with you. So the store customers will return time and time again by providing the greatest care possible.

Create a strong connection and contact with your clients to help your business roar! By attending to their needs and wants in the areas of presents and trends, you can connect with them on more than simply an emotional level.

Personalization Is Key

Every industry has a new demand for personalization. With the use of video gift messaging, you can improve the gift-giving experience for your customers and see your customer funnel grow.

Increase the size of your target market while personalizing your specialty. Then, watch the miracle of growth your company experiences when you add a new layer to your current offers!

Good For Marketing

Is there anything greater than a contented and pleased client? When you have them, you rarely need to bother about your marketing and promotional efforts. Watch them instead as you establish your brand’s reputation as a must-have one.

Put your customers’ happiness, respect, and contentment first, and watch your business’s world change. Your first marketing pillar should be customers. Utilize your own retail experience to convert them from informed consumers to devoted ones.

Safe & Secure

Your clients place high importance on safety and protection. The best aspect of video gift messaging is the security of communications. No one will look inside the card you include with the gift any longer.

With contemporary QR code characteristics and a private server system, security patterns can be changed. In addition, your buyer will be the only person able to understand the message, thanks to exclusive designs and card layouts!

Making the greatest present selections might be challenging. Communicating the feelings and thoughts that went into that decision is much more difficult. Create a brand that attends to the client’s needs and the recipient’s joy and satisfaction.

You can improve global connectivity and happiness by immediately integrating video gift messaging into your store. Go ahead! What are you waiting for…..

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