Innovative Holiday Themed Web Development Ideas

Holiday Themed

Your website is not only a platform where visitors come and go and or make purchases. It’s a lot more than this; it tells a story about your brand.

Through your website you can create a great first impression that can help you turn visitors into quality leads. Your website layout, ease-of-use, font size, images, text, and graphics tell a lot about your brand. 

An eye opening study shows that users form an opinion about a website in just 0.05 seconds and determine whether they’ll stay or leave.

Make your homepage joyful with these super cool winter holiday theme ideas

Here are five holiday theme web development ideas for you:

1. Decorate your site

Decorate your site

The first and most important thing you can do is to dress your site according to seasons.

Your visitors are already used to the same regular look, and that’s fine- for most of the year. As the holiday season hits, consider giving your website a makeover.

Check this amazing transformation of Starbucks. The brand gives a festive look to its overall website and cups.

2. Add a holiday edition

Add a holiday edition

Take some inspiration from the beauty brand Sephora. It features a holiday edition of its top-rated products and editor picks especially curated for gifting. The best thing is that it has set three price ranges so that people can shop gifts according to the price range. 

By shifting to a Christmas inspired theme and adding gift bundles, Sephora is reminding customers how much it values them.

3. Add a call-to-action (CTA)

Add a call-to-action

Every family binge-watches their favorite TV series during holidays which means greater screen time. No matter if you are a Mobile App Development Company or a telephone service company, take advantage of this opportunity and revise the homepage theme completely.

The primary CTA isn’t just ‘Buy before the stocks ends!’ or ‘Book your order now!’ Instead, this company advertises its holiday sales alongside the images of couples with their kids having fun times, some with screens.

4. Discounts and more discounts

Discounts and more discounts

If you can’t beat your rivals, at least join them. This golden rule is especially true for holiday deals and discount promotions.

Every other brand will be offering discounts and in order to remain competitive, you need to follow their footsteps. It’s a proven way to boost holiday sales.

The photography products company uses fear of missing out (FOMO) approach and added a timer at the top of the site so that users can see how much time they have left to buy.

5. Recreate a festive logo

Last but not least, you can create a festive logo that represents your brand as well as the occasion.

You can take assistance from a Web App Development Company. There’s no shame in doing this. Some of the great examples include Google, You Tube, and Lewis.

Recreate a festive logo

In summary

Holidays are around the corner and a lot of eyes will be on your website. This is your chance to make some theme adjustments accordingly and drive high website traffic.

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