A Beginner’s Insight To The Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

If you’re reading this, I assume you must have heard about digital marketing like most people have.

Right now there are more than 3.6 billion active internet users who watch some type of digital ads daily. This figure is constantly growing.

Smartphones play a huge role in this. As more people are on their phones, this gives brands an opportunity to reach them through digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

In its basic definition, digital marketing includes reaching out to potential clients through online tactics and selling them the brand’s products and services.  Some major tactics include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine marketing

But, there are some more compelling reasons to appreciate digital marketing for businesses.

Five reasons why every business should harness the power of digital marketing

Here are the top five reasons to use digital marketing:

1. The increasing trend of ‘going digital’

Every small and big brand is spending on digital marketing. In the US alone, the spending on digital ads has grown from 43.1% (2019) to 44.9% (2020) in just one year.

digital ads

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Companies are seeing potential in digital marketing and increasing their budget year by year.

2. Boost online presence

Digital marketing boosts the online presence of companies which is a must in today’s online world. Nobody would like to buy from a brand that doesn’t exist online. Having a website and social media account also promotes credibility and creates a positive brand image.

Plus, it enables businesses to create awareness about their brands and builds engagement easily. 

3. Allow brands to reach their target market

Digital marketing helps businesses to reach audiences globally opening up new opportunities for brand expansion.

B2B Digital Advertising agencies also prefer digital marketing tactics because it enables them to connect with the target audience instantly and know about their needs.

4. It is cheaper than traditional advertising

Without a doubt, digital marketing is less expensive than other forms of marketing methods. But cheap doesn’t always mean less effective. A plus point is that it is more effective.

It lets you save money which can be spent on other important activities.

According to a leading Saas Marketing Agency, 40% of digital marketing experts claim savings when they use digital marketing tools for promoting their products and services.

5. Helps you create shareable content

Producing valuable content is an important aspect of your marketing strategy. But what if a large number of people don’t get to know about it?

Having a digital marketing strategy in place allows you to create different types of content that gets shared more often.

Heard about meme marketing?

Digital marketers are increasingly using popular meme formats because memes go viral, come with high shareability, and generate positive word-of-mouth about a brand.

Here’s a popular ‘Distracted boyfriend’ meme format that many brands including Ruffles, Jimmy Johns, Tumbler and many others have perfectly capitalized.

Jimmy Johns

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Key takeaway

Now if you’ve already familiar with some great benefits of digital marketing, create your own digital marketing strategy and achieve your marketing goals effectively.

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