How to Increase Your Traffic to Lead Conversion Rates?

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Experienced internet marketers have to optimise websites for higher conversion. It happens that entrepreneurs employ SEO Companies for online marketing of their products and services, but they get insignificant results. Sometimes, it happens that you get traffic, but calls for leads and sales are very few.

The influx of advertising money on SEO will increase in the coming year and attracting visitors will be an expensive affair. Therefore, the task to increase the conversion rate of a website will be a priority for all types of Internet businesses. So, how to increase the conversion rate of websites? Let’s understand,

  1. Make Your Website Faster

Website loading speed has a very large influence on the conversion. But it’s often overlooked by web designers and developers. The slow loading speed of websites frustrates users and results in the loss of lots of sales opportunities. Take several steps to make your website faster. Check the speed of loading pages using the free tool from Google Page Speed Testing Tool as it generates detailed reports with recommendations for improving the site loading speed. Faster websites make it easier for people to complete the transaction and purchase the desired stuff.

  1. Focus on Sales Opportunities from Mobile Devices

Probably every businessman looks for ways to increase the profits of his company with a small investment. Today, one of the most effective and efficient ways is to generate leads is to focus on the business opportunities coming from small screens. A large number of people all over the world use the World Wide Web on mobile devices or through mobile apps.

So, you should make your site responsive with the help of an SEO Service Company and optimise it with a mobile-first approach. It will make it easier for people to find your site easily on SERPs of search engines and deal with your brand. You should also have an app for your company. Encourage people to use your app for buying products and services from you.

  1. Optimise Your Site for All Major Search Engines

Most internet users flock to the internet to explore the desired information, products and services. They use different search engines for this purpose. Generally, individuals love to visit websites that appear in the top research results of different search engines. The higher the ranking of your site is on World Wide Web; the easier people can find it in SERPs. Therefore, it is essential for you to optimise your site for all major search engines.

To start with, create a definite SEO plan in consultation with the company owner, SEO professionals, business managers keeping objectives of the business and needs of the targeted audience in mind.

Conduct a market search, keyword research and analysis, competitor analysis, close monitoring of rapidly changing SEO rules, etc, and optimise your website for all major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, etc.

A higher ranking of your website on all these search engines will help you get a fair amount of organic traffic & generate leads/sales in bulk. Keep a close eye on the progress of digital marketing activities using Analytics tool, explore the areas of further development, and make changes in SEO campaigns from time-to-time to get more business opportunities and generate leads. To get the desired success, you need to use high-quality content in website optimisation and take care of technical aspects of SEO very well.

  1. Lead Generation Through Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still an extremely popular method to increase traffic to websites and generate leads and sales remarkably. It is a fact that the ranking of sites keeps going up and down in the SERPs of different search engines, depending on website optimisation and changing trends in SEO. So, visitors subscribe to newsletters of important websites to keep receiving new updates through Emails.

Therefore, you should commence Email marketing efforts as soon as possible. Use the CRM software or dedicated Email marketing tool to capture customer data and segment them into different groups based on their previous purchasing behavior, interest, location, etc. Create personalised newsletters and send them to subscribers at the right time with the right offer. This will help you to generate a steady flow of traffic to the site & generate more leads.

  1. Lead Generation Through Social Media Marketing & Optimisation

Compared to outbound marketing, social media channels have almost 100% of the indicators of closed transactions. Around 23% of all Internet users spend their most of time of social networking websites. 20% of businessmen have replaced their usual correspondence with correspondence in social networks. Always keep in mind that Social networks have a 100% advantage over outgoing marketing when it comes to the number of closed deals.

Marketers invest in social marketing (SMM) with the following goals:

Goals Percentage
To increase brand awareness83%
To increase website traffic69%
Monetization of business opportunities65%

Companies report several positive results of successful SMM campaigns, such as

Results of SMM campaignsPercentage
An increase in marketing efficiency63%
An increase in customer satisfaction50%
Reduced advertising costs45%
Sales growth24%

Therefore, you should launch SMO and SMM campaigns for your brand as soon as possible with perfect planning and will to translates words into action. Just create profiles of your company on different social media channels in a professional manner and start sharing useful content to allure the targeted audience and generate leads and sales. SMO and SMM activities help in website optimisation also and enables you to generate more leads and sales.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the main tools in Internet marketing which helps companies promote certain goods or services by giving a percentage of sales to promoters. It provides new e-commerce companies with new ways to market their products and increase sales by leaps and bounds. This kind of cooperation is beneficial for as their products and services are promoted in an easy way. In fact, it benefits both parties involved in the business. Hire competent affiliates to give a good start to your business and get lots of lead generation opportunities every day.

  1. Post Reviews on Your Websites

Before purchasing products and services, customers read reviews and seriously think about the opinions of all those people who have already used the advertised products services. Therefore, it is beneficial to display reviews on your site. It can be both positive and negative. Positive reviews shape up the opinion of potential customers and encourage them to deal with your brand. Negative remarks open up your eyes and give you chances to improves services for the acquisition of more business opportunities.

  1. Make Purchasing Process Easier and Comfortable

Today’s Internet users will never hesitate to stop dealing with you and start buying from your competitors if the product buying process of your site is complex, time-consuming and frustrating. Therefore, you should make it easier for people to buy products from you. Here are some helpful recommendations in this regard:

Steps to make the product buying process easierBrief Explanation
An easy Signup up formMake the website registration form as simple as you can. Ask only necessary information for registration. Take the help of an SEO Service Company in this regard.
Virtual AssistantsAttach virtual assistants (technically known as chatbots) on your website. It answers to questions of online shoppers and helps them in the product buying process.
Multiple Payment GatewaysProvide options in payments to customers as different people use different methods to make payments for the purchased products and services.
  1. Maintain Transparency in Information Presentation

Introduce users to the company and its products as far as possible. Such information should include the company history; successes and achievements; awards and victories; strategy, mission and philosophy; Product Catalog; qualified staff, etc. Always keep in mind that Transparency of information increases brand awareness, creates certain consumer preferences in your favour. Do not forget to show your face especially when you run business websites. People love to read stories and are actively interested in the life and activities of successful entrepreneurs. This will help you to attract customers and increase conversions.

  1. Use Videos in Business Marketing

Always keep in mind that a video is a great way to explain to the audience the essence and value of your product. People love to watch videos and take actions. The modern crop of Internet users is not interested in going through text content. So, launch video marketing activities to promote your brand on the web, increase traffic to the site and get more business opportunities every day one after another.

Final Remarks

These days, the world wide web is replete with a huge number of sites. Each of them tries to attract a large number of customers through different means and generate more leads and sales as soon as possible. As an ardent Internet marketing expert, you should use these recommendations to increase traffic to the site and convert them into loyal customers, giving you repeat business opportunities at regular intervals. Best of Luck!

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