Best MacBooks In 2022: Find The Best Model Should You Buy?


When you plan to buy new laptops, the first thing that comes to your mind is MacBooks. It is understandable judging how incredible MacBooks are in both performance and portability.

Sure there are other laptops from various brands, but most buyers (who don’t compromise on their budget) consider a Mac first.

Now, if you are planning to buy a Macbook, there are several options to consider. You can buy an older model with an older chipset, but I will ask you to buy a newer model with a new chipset. 

In 2020 Apple introduced the latest M1 chip in Macbook Pro 13 and the MacBook Air. The M1 chip rivals the intel i7 chipset in its specifications. However, the company topped the M1 chip shortly after with a more powerful M1 Pro and M1 Max Chipsets.

So, here is a Macbook Pro buying guide for helping you choose the right product when buying a Macbook.

MacBook Pro 14

MacBook Pro 14 is a strong MacBook that has created curiosity among most apple lovers. If you are looking for a compact small screen apple MacBook, then the new MacBook Pro 14 is indeed an option worth looking into.

Most of the Apple laptops are good with their security. But if you want to install avast antivirus here is how to uninstall avast security on mac.

The Macbook comes with both M1 max and M1 Pro chipset. The storage variants range from 512 GB to 8 TB, while RAM options range from 16 GB to 64 GB. As a tech lover, you are going to enjoy using the latest Apple MacBook Pro 14. Here are some specs of the new Apple laptop-

  • Processor: M1 Pro, M1 Max
  • Storage: 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 8TB
  • Memory: (unified memory architecture) 16GB, 32GB, 64GB

If you are looking for a small and compact MacBook that works just as smoothly as you want, then you should try out this option. MacBooks are good for your iphone ecosystem. You can collectively use them with your other Apple devices.

MacBook Pro 16

The MacBook Pro 16 is probably the best option if you are looking for a laptop with a big screen within a small form factor. The laptop is as good as it looks; there is the latest M1 and M1 Pro chipset in two of its variants.

With the latest M1 Pro and the M1 Max chipset integrated, this laptop offers the fastest performance ever seen in any MacBook before. If you are looking for a big screen and want a super performer, you need to consider buying the latest MacBook Pro 16 laptop.

Here are some of the highlighted features of the new MacBook Pro 16-

  • Processor: M1 Pro, M1 Max
  • Storage: 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 8TB
  • Memory: (unified memory architecture) 16GB, 32GB, 64GB

The configuration in this new MacBook Pro is similar to the MacBook Pro 14. But the laptop sure is capable in the bigger screen segment. You don’t need the power and performance that this MacBook offers. Clearly, it outperforms its age.

MacBook Pro 13

Is a 14 inch MacBook Pro too big for you? In that case, you need to opt for a 13 inch one; it is smaller and more comfortable to carry around. But there is one downside to this laptop which is its power. Compared to the latest M1 Pro and Max chipsets, the M1 may feel a little outdated.

Many users prefer the Intel i7 chipset and as a result will suggest you to choose a mac pro i7 4k.But it is better to stick to the more powerful.

But you will hugely underestimate the chipset if you think that the laptop is not worth looking into. The M1 chipset can handle most of the tasks you will be doing using this laptop.

You can play games, do your office work and even edit an 8K video with ease. The M1 chip is more than what you need in a laptop. Judging its performance, the M1 Max and the M1 Pro chips are over-the-top. Here are some of its specs-

  • Processor: M1
  • Storage:  256GB, 1TB, 2TB
  • Memory: (unified memory architecture) 8GB, 16 GB.

MacBook Air

Although there is the same M1 chip in the latest Macbook Air, the difference between it and the Macbook Pro 13 is evident. It does not touch the range of performance that the more efficient Macbook Pro would, but there are positive sides to it as well.

There is no fan in the latest MacBook Air. So, even if you are using it to its full potential, you won’t notice any noise. So, if you like a quieter device that also performs smoothly, there can be no better option for you than the MacBook Air. here are some of its highlighted specs-

  • Processor: M1
  • Storage:  256GB, 1TB, 2TB
  • Memory: (unified memory architecture) 8GB, 16 GB.

This laptop comes in close range with the latest Macbook pro 13 inches, so you may be confused when buying one. I will always suggest you go for the efficient MacBook Pro 13; however, if you don’t need all that power and performance and are a moderate user, you can consider using the Air version.


Most of the Apple MacBooks are avid performers. So if you are looking for the best options, you can indeed look at the ones that I have mentioned here in this article. From the latest MacBook 14 inch to the MacBook Pro 13, there are some really good options to look at.

All of these laptops contain the latest and the most powerful chipset available. Based on your budget, you can choose from any of these laptops mentioned here in this article.

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