HTML5 – Tips & Tricks

Difference between section and div

HTML5 has a lot of new tools to build website for better user experience and it is strong and powerful version of HTML. For Mobile phone applications it is used to a very great extent.

Here are some tips and tricks for HTML5

HTML <!DOCTYPE> Declaration:
The <!DOCTYPE> declaration is the first tag in your HTML page, placed before the <html> tag.

<!DOCTYPE html>

Using HTML5 audio and video:
HTML5 supports media via the <audio> and <video> tags, embedding media into HTML documents. These audio and video tags embeds audio and video as well as image.

Fabulous Forms:
HTML5 forms allows new attributes such as placeholders, autofocus, required with patterns validation.

ContentEditable HTML5:
ContentEditable allows user to edit any of the text in the element including its children. For e.g. to-do list, adding a reminder and so on helps to do this.
<div contenteditable=”true”>Content editable div.</div>

Render Graphics easily with HTML5:
The canvas element used to render graphics where you can use Javascript and draw whatever you want.

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