Tips for fast loading HTML5 videos

HTML5 videos

HTML5 videos is becoming more popular with day by day. So for displaying the video in website it should be well-designed and load quickly.

The complexity of the HTML5 video arises not from the syntax, but from the browser support and encoding video also.

To build a successful HTML5 site with a video display, you’ll need to take into the account how modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 9 implement the HTML5 video web standards as well as how they are handling users view video in the legacy browsers.

HTML5 videos Tips and Tricks:

  • Everything is nothing but quality settings. Higher settings offer good quality but increase the file size and directly proportional to the upload speed.
  • For uploading videos check out different services i.e. YouTube, Vimeo etc.
  • Before producing the video, reduce the sizes of images, video and audio.
  • Height and width will be same ratio as actual size of your video.
  • Video for what purpose? Desktop or laptop or mobile.
  • Use new HTML5 tags instead of <DIV> tags.
  • Use necessary scripts and elements for your site.
  • Plan out the video size. After you know the sizes of the videos you can show them accordingly.
  • HTML5 video won’t work for all browsers. So convert your video to the .OGG format accordingly.

Note to remember that as of 2016, the flash is also still widely installed on our desktops, while they are generally not being supported on mobile devices like smartphones.

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