How to Use Social Media to Advance Your Career?

Use Social Media

No one could ever have predicted how social media would take the world by storm.

The number of users grows daily. People turn to social media for different reasons other than connecting with friends and family. Others are seeing the potential for social media as a marketing tool and a way of building business and professional relationships.

More than ever, users are turning to social media to get jobs and gain promotion and advancement to further their career paths.

Here is some advice for those intending to use social media for career purposes:

1. Choose appropriate platforms

Determine which platforms to use. Choose platforms that will best serve the purpose. Consider using a platform like LinkedIn for professional purposes.

LinkedIn is more effective than a platform such as Instagram when it comes to professional connects. Of course, there are times where Instagram might be more effective. It depends on the career field and the nature of the job.

2. Don’t choose too many platforms

Being spread too thinly over a variety of platforms is not a good idea. Rather focus on one or two platforms and be active on them.

Using too many platforms makes posting irregular. A consistent footprint on fewer platforms is far more likely to attract the attention of the right people.

3. Write a compelling profile

Annabel Steele, PR Manager of topquality assignment service says, “Your profile on social media is like a resumé. Put a lot of thought into what you want to say that will advance your career.”

Don’t dash off the first things that come to mind. A profile tells a potential employer a lot. Make sure it says the right things.

4. Join relevant groups

Look on the selected platforms for groups that are applicable to the industry and job. Join the groups to get a feel for the jobs that are out there.

Adhere to the ground rules of the group and confine yourself to carefully selected and well-written posts. These are bound to garner attention.

5. Follow company pages

Knowing the career field, follow relevant companies on social media. Organizations are leaning more toward online job advertisements as the social media trend persists. Following the right companies can give you the edge of seeing job posts well before others.

6. Know the right contacts and keep in touch

Exploring social media allows the job seeker to find the right people to be in touch with. Choose people that will help with career advancement. Engage with such people in a meaningful way.

Keep in touch to remind contacts that you’re interested in their organization. Consistent contact keeps your name in the forefront of the relevant person’s mind.

7. Post original content

Sharing the occasional post or inspirational quote is a good idea. These posts show an interest in the greater world. Showing that one takes the time to read shows the target audience mindfulness and curiosity.

Oversharing the work of others has pitfalls as well. Not posting original content makes a person appear unable to have their own opinions. Accompany shared posts with opinions and responses to show a unique perspective.

8. Be circumspect in what is posted

Posting on social media must be done with caution. It’s frequently said that once it’s out there, it’s out there. An ill-advised post cannot be taken back. Words and pictures may come back to haunt a person.

Never post on social media without deciding first if the post is something you don’t mind being online forever for anyone to see. Many employers Google prospective employees. Seeing inappropriate posts might be a deal breaker leaving the person dead in the water without even knowing it.

9. Keep social media platforms up to date

People who obtain an additional qualification should immediately post it on their profiles on social media. Such changes to their status can influence organizations seeking new employees.

Updates can also attract the interest of the current employer who is searching for employees to promote.

10. Provide readers with an accurate representation of one’s character

As much as it’s vital to be careful about posts on social media, it must still reflect an accurate picture of a person’s essence. People who portray themselves honestly on social media are more likely to attract the attention of the right people.

Don’t limit posts to business matters only. It creates a wooden appearance and doesn’t allow readers to scratch below the surface and truly get to know the person.

To Conclude

Social media is the way of the future. Job seekers and those seeking advancement cannot deny this. Doing so will be to their own detriment. People who refuse to look at social media as it relates to employment will be left behind by those who do. Whether seeking a first job or looking for a promotion, social media can make or break the chance of success. Wisely used, social media is the ideal tool for maximizing employment opportunities.

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