How to Create an Influential TikTok Marketing Strategy

TikTok Marketing Strategy

Owning your own business means taking advantage of every marketing opportunity you have. Companies that don’t are left in the dust, and as 50 percent of businesses fail within their first five years, the stakes are high. 

TikTok may not be the advertising platform you always had in mind, but it can be an effective one nonetheless. But how you can make the most out of the content you upload?

Keep reading for a guide that will help you create a TikTok marketing strategy that will yield serious results. 

Use the Right Hashtags

As most people on social media know, using hashtags is a great way to boost the reach of your content. Anyone browsing on that tag might then stumble upon your video, enjoy watching it, then proceed to check out the rest of your content.

Make sure that you attach hashtags to every TikTok you upload. Avoid the most generic ones like “comedy” and “music”, and stick to less popular ones that can help you stand out. 

Pay Attention to Trends 

Trending hashtags are those that go viral for a certain period of time. Jumping on the bandwagon, creating a relevant video, and using a trending hashtag can be a great way to attract views.

Just remember that trending hashtags often feature hundreds or thousands of similar videos. Find a way to be unique, and don’t directly imitate the content that others put out. Make a good use of a TikTok stat tracker to figure out what kind of content is attracting most views, what hashtags are working so you’ll know on what to focus.

Build a Relationship With Influencers

Every social media platform has a group of influencers that dominate it, and TikTok is no different. By forming a relationship with them and working together, you’ll be able to reach their audience.

As there are many influencers to choose from, make sure that you work with someone that matches the image you want for your company. You don’t want to rely on influencer marketing if it means working with someone that you don’t feel comfortable with. 

Interact With Your Audience 

People like buying from companies that feel like they’re made up of real people. By interacting with your viewers, you’ll help emphasize the human aspect of your business.

Aside from responding to comments on your posts, you can also comment on other people’s videos. When you post comments that are funny or helpful, other people will like them. This will push them to the top of that video, in turn increasing traffic to your own content.

Be Consistent 

As is the case when using any social media marketing strategy, consistency is key. Attracting TikTok followers isn’t easy, especially if you’re a new company that’s just starting out.

The more you post, the easier it is to attract more views and followers. With enough hard work, your business might even be on TikToks For You page. 

Create the Ultimate TikTok Marketing Strategy 

Look past the dancing adolescents and strange, viral trends, and you’ll find that TikTok is the perfect location to advertise to an enormous audience. By following this guide, you’ll be able to create the ultimate TikTok marketing strategy, helping you attract new customers and boost business.  Do you now have a better understanding of how you can use marketing on TikTok to your advantage? If you do, make sure to check out some of our other blog posts for helpful marketing-related guides and tips. 

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