How to Master a Freelancer Blockchain in 7 Simple Steps?

Blockchain Development

Blockchain technology is here to transform the digital world altogether. Blockchain was originally created to support Bitcoin. However, its versatility and ease of use have made it an integral part of the industry. Businesses have started using blockchain technology because of the high security it offers. 

A career as a blockchain developer is gaining importance. There is a lot of potential in this field. As it is still in its nascent stage, there is a huge scope to become a full-time blockchain developer or gain skills as a freelancer. Companies hire freelance blockchain developers to execute certain projects. 

Who is a Freelancer Blockchain Developer?

A freelance blockchain developer is concerned with developing decentralized applications or dApps. They are required to study architecture based on blockchain technology and its protocols. Blockchain developers develop smart contracts, 3D models, 3D content, and even 3D designs. There are two types of blockchain developers, one is a core blockchain developer and the other is a blockchain software developer. 

How to become a Freelance Blockchain Developer

A blockchain developer needs specific training to gain the required skills. This will help the person to learn the opportunities that the field presents and what are the possible challenges. If you want to become a blockchain developer, there are two possibilities – either you might be related to this field or you are starting this career from scratch with no prior knowledge. In both cases, you need to gain knowledge and expertise to excel in the field. Here are 7 steps to become a freelance blockchain developer: – 

Strong Academic Background

A blockchain developer needs to possess strong academic knowledge, be it in computer science or mathematics. You can opt for a bachelor’s degree and then pursue a master’s degree with a specialization in the topic that is relevant to blockchain technology. With good knowledge of Computer Science, IT, and Math, it will be easier for you to understand the nuances that this profession requires. You can get a certificate in blockchain technology through online free or paid courses. 

Proficiency with Technology and Skills

You need to opt for acquiring the required technical skills before plunging into the field. You need to have a good grasp of programming languages. As a blockchain developer is required to do coding, learning programming languages is a must. Secondly, you should learn about data structures viz. arrays, linked lists, etc. This will help strengthen your problem-solving skills.

You need to learn about database management along with computer networking to help create a good blockchain network. And last but not the least, you need to learn about cryptography. It is related to protocols that help secure sensitive data. When you are armed with different cryptographic techniques, it becomes easier for you to thrive in the industry. Learn to use the latest tools to tap the clients. For instance, creating an invoice online can add a touch of professionalism to the entire freelance thing. 

Get a hold of the basics

When your basics are clear, much of your time is saved. In order to become a blockchain developer, you need to understand different concepts and basic terminologies of this field. Without proper knowledge of the blockchain domain, it might become difficult for you to progress in this field. You can do a course or proper research for learning the core concepts, the mechanism and protocols of this profession. You also need to keep a tap on the latest developments in the industry to stay abreast. 

Learn about Cryptomonomics

Blockchain is all about securing data cryptographically by the means of security protocols. It is the combination of two fields, economics and cryptography. For you to become an ace blockchain developer, you need to clear your mathematics concepts and computer science concepts. This will help you build robust cryptography protocols. A blockchain network uses different cryptographic standards like hash functions, RSA, and the like. You also need to understand cryptocurrencies like ether and bitcoin in depth. Learning about different subjects helps add depth. 

Learn the latest blockchain technologies

Blockchain technology is a growing field with different technologies getting added to it on a continual basis. Ethereum is one of them. It is decentralized technology built on basic blockchain technology concepts. Many professionals in the industry use this open-source technology. This technology helps developers to create Decentralized Applications known as DApps. Very similar to mobile-based applications, these technologies are integral to the blockchain. 

Master Smart Contracts and Solidity

It is not advised to plunge into the business of blockchain technology without knowing about its concepts. And Smart Contracts are one of the very important ones. With this, Ethereum Developers can code and develop specialized transaction protocols. Smart Contracts simplify transaction processes between parties. Further, it helps cut down on the additional cost that is involved in the process. On the other hand, Solidity is a kind of programming language that is used for developing Smart Contracts.  

Get an edge with industry experience

Blockchain developers need to get experience in the field in addition to mastering theoretical knowledge. The easy way is to implement subjective things learnt. You can develop blockchain applications to test your knowledge. When you have learned Solidity, the programming language, put it to use by developing DApps and/or Smart Contracts. Initially, you need to gain hands-on experience by opting for an internship in the field. 

How network building helps in freelancing

Relationships and networks are the core of any freelancing field. When you have nurtured and maintained good relationships, you can easily tap new opportunities in the field. Instead of taking fellow blockchain developers as a competition, take them as teachers. Learn from them and build a collaborative network that becomes fruitful in the future. Creating long-term relationships is what works in the freelancing sector. 


You need to build a service network to become a successful freelance blockchain developer. A blockchain freelancer is very similar to a freelance photographer or freelance web developer. To make a mark in this field, you need to gain blockchain expertise together with practical knowledge of this technology. It encompasses marketing, networking and profile optimization as well. 

If you do not have enough experience with this service, you might face a few glitches in the beginning. The best method to become a successful freelancer is to first take up a job related to the field. This will help you understand the tricks and trades of the job. When you begin with a full-time job and a fixed income, making a transition to freelancing becomes easier. In a full-time profile, you can easily build a strong network.

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