How to Start Preparing for a career in Investment Banking?

Investment Banking

Fat paychecks and Wall Street culture! These are certain things that’s prevalent amongst the younger generation today. No doubt the salary compensation of an investment banker exceeds way beyond what a regular finance guys earns.

But how determined are you?

Most youngsters are drawn towards taking up a career in investment banking for all the wrong reasons. Working as an investment banker is challenging, one may need to dedicate hours together just to get through the day. Easy going work life is not how an investment banker’s life looks like. It may sound interesting with a six-figure salary, but it’s all hard-earned money. As an aspirant in investment banking one may wish to first examine the career prospects in investment banking.

As enticing as a career in investment banking looks like, it is not for the faint hearted. It is a competitive world out there, longs hours and pressure to get the deal done are some of the factors you’d have to adjust all the way along your career irrespective of the high salary paychecks, phenomenal training and high-profile deals.

As a result, tremendous awards are what awaits those who have reached the pinnacle.

Investment banking career path:

This is the right time for one to grab that career in investment banking. The first and foremost thing the candidate needs to do is to first pave and curate the right path even though most investment banker starts their career as financial analyst.


Most of the bankers require their candidates to come from prestigious institutions or at least have an internship at hand or few years of experience. As a matter of fact, large and small banking firms generally prefer candidates with internship experience.

Develop skills and knowledge

Having deeper understanding of the financial industry will eventually give you a boost at the initial stage of your career. This will not only help you climb your career ladder but it will also keep you in sync with the current, present and past trends taking place in the industry. Having great insights and deeper understanding will definitely impress potential employers.

Certification programs

Staying updated with the trending skills is a credible way to stay aligned with the current ongoing market scenario. Investment banking certification will prove valuable to get a leg up in the industry. Being able to show potential employers your updated skills is an added advantage to recruiters and employers looking to hire.

Have the knowledge about what recruiters are looking for from a candidate

Though employers still follow the traditional pattern of hiring candidates from tier 1 institutions and colleges, they’re also stressing their focus on diversity and finding the right talent from a broader range of colleges and majors. While talking to recruiters ensure that you convey the message clearly to them, in assurance that you’re from a well-rounded background and that you have the latest skillsets.

Internship programs

Knowledge and having the right direction are important aspects for one to start off their career as an investment banker. However, having internship is an added advantage for recruiters. Internships are considered valuable in enhancing skillsets, in simple terms, an internship program shows that the candidate is job ready.

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