How to Integrate a Video into Your SEO Marketing Strategy

SEO Marketing Strategy Video

You may have watched all the episodes and read every publication from all the SEO Kings and have managed to boil down website SEO to a science. But you may have also realized that ranking your website, in the long run, involves more than just creating a large number of links.  

Integrating superior website content that will naturally attract links in the long term is the way to go in your digital marketing campaigns. So welcome to Video marketing and, by extension, Video Search Engine Optimization, aka VSEO. Whereas it is still underutilized, video marketing is an excellent component of a digital marketer’s toolkit. We bring together the companies that fill the criteria of what makes a great video production company.

Importance of Video Marketing

If you are still uncertain of adopting video marketing into your campaign strategies, consider the following benefits of video marketing to help you arrive at actionable insights.

  • Videos boost your conversions and sales
  • Significant returns on investment
  • Builds trust and credibility
  • encourages social shares
  • Videos easily grab attention

Importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is typically improving the quality and quantity of website traffic while increasing your brand’s exposure through organic or non-paid search engine results. You should consider attending SEO conference New York to learn more about online marketing and SEO. It is important for enhancing your website’s visibility and searchability but offers much more benefits, such as:

  • Improves visibility and rankings
  • Boosts user experience for your visitors
  • Enhances the buying cycle
  • Improves web traffic
  • Accelerate your growth

Now that we have seen why you need to leverage both Video and SEO in your marketing strategies and campaigns have a look at the following reasons why we believe Video in your Search Engine Optimization plan is key and king.

Importance of Video in Your SEO Plan

1. Google Cares About Video, and You Should Too

One of the primary reasons why you need a video in your SEO plans has to do with the internal algorithm used by Google to generate search engine results pages. Google pays keen attention primarily to two things. I.e., The relevance of your content to a person’s original search terms and the quality as well.

Google does not use the text on your page alone to determine the two aspects. It also scans for other media types such as quality visuals/videos to evaluate how your page measures up. In plain English, this is to say that someone is likely to encounter a video early in their results regardless of what they are looking for. 

 If your sites have a combo of text and quality visuals like videos, Google terms them informative and varied and ranks them better, thus boosting your video SEO efforts.

2. Video Is a Traffic-Generating Machine

Videos can help your website rank higher in search engine results in that your target audience is likely to be drawn to your website by an engaging video than they would otherwise be attracted by other types of content on your webpage. When you create great video content, you attract more people to your website, thus increasing the quantity and quality of incoming traffic.

Massive and regular traffic to your pages prompts Google to rank you better in search rankings, which in turn enhances your SEO and features you ahead of your competitors.

3. Higher Click-Through Rate

Besides helping your content rank, your site’s visitors are much more likely to click on your videos than they would click on other text-based content. This means more traffic to your website and consequently, an increased awareness of your brand among the audience you are targeting.

4. Longer Page Views

Another important aspect to remember is that Uncle Google pays close attention to the duration that your visitors stay on your site after arrival. If you have massive incoming traffic, but your visitors then vanish as soon as they arrive, Uncle stands to reason that your content is not up to par. 

In other words, search engines are not only seeking quality content; they want engaging content too. Videos are an excellent option to keep your visitors on your pages for a longer time than text-based content like blog posts.

5. More Inbound Links

Quality backlinks are another key factor that Google uses to determine your ranking on search engine results. If more people link to your content and domain, you are perceived to have more authority/influence. The more influence you have, the higher your page rankings in the search results. 

Publishing videos makes your content more shareable to other channels and sites, earning you significant referral traffic, boosts your rankings and SEO value while popularizing your brand.


Video marketing is a tested, tried, and proven way to boost your SEO and grow your business. Online videos are here to stay and will only increase in viewership and impact as the technology advances and user habits adapt. Video will remain the most effective way to reach target audiences to share your message and showcase the products and services you provide.

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