How to Get a Perfect Score in Certified Scrum Master Exam?

Certified Scrum Master Exam

CSM exam anxiety is a real thing. The Scrum Alliance includes two entry-level certificates: Certified Scrum Masters and Certified Scrum Product Owner. The individual needs to take an online exam for CSM, which is the prime concern for everyone.

Here in this blog, we’ve covered everything that eases down the achievement of a good score in this exam. Let’s move ahead!

Attend Two Day Training Session

If you want to score well in the CSM exam, you need to get CSM training. The training is for two days and it will help you get familiar with the core CSM concepts and Agile practices that help you clear the exam more precisely.

Once your training is finished, your institute will submit your data to the Scrum Alliance to give the exam. After that, you have 14 days to prepare for the exam. The first question that arises in everyone’s mind is, “How difficult is the CSM exam.”

Well, the Certified ScrumMaster certification is easier than we think. But of course, the exam is a mix-scenario and includes direct questions too. So, here are some tips that surely help to score well in the exam.

Few Important Points for Nailing the Certified Scrum Master Exam

After two days of training and the submission of the data, you’ll get a confirmation email along with the exam link.

  • Here, you need to login with the credentials that you received via email from Scrum Alliance, and after that, you can start your CSM exam.
  • The exam will be for one hour, which includes 50 objective type questions.
  • You need to answer 37 correct answers out of the 50 questions.

Take Mock Tests

Mock tests are always great to assess your exam more easily and score maximum in the Scrum exams. You can attempt the mock test for Certified Scrum Master Training to prepare for your exam in a better way. This will help to get the idea of the questions of the Certified Scrum Master exam.

Moreover, you can find various mock tests online too, which are free. Also, many preparation sources are available that allow you to conduct the mock test and improve your score. Additionally, you can keep the note of all the questions. It will help you to understand your topic and answer every question accurately.

Basic Multiple-Choice Tips for CSM Exam

● First, read the last sentence of the CSM exam question. This will help get the exact information you need to answer the question and take less time. Besides that, you will be able to keep yourself away from the filler and tricky words that confuse you.

● Try to find the answer from the concept that you learn in the CSM class before finding the choices available. Then look at the choice if that is available as an option.

● Always read the concept clearly and take the help of the Scrum guide and mock test to score well.

● Make sure to read the multiple-choice questions from the bottom to the top. This will help your brain bias to get the first reasonable answer you learn.

● First, if possible, eliminate those options which are wrong. This is obvious that you will have incorrect options with the right one. So, make sure to avoid them and eliminate them to choose the right option.

● Keep your eyes on and carefully focus on the words like never, none, and always. These may mislead you while answering the questions. Choices with these kinds of words are still a red signal, and you need to focus on them first. Answer choice with this kind of words means that there is never-ending in the whole wide case, not even correct.

● Go back and once review your answer before submitting your answers, and possibly double-check your answers.

Relax, You Got it!

Keep in mind, becoming a Certified ScrumMaster isn’t easy as we think. But if you clear the exam with a good score, it will be a kick start to your Agile journey. So, to take your first and the foremost step towards your journey, you need to pass the exam. It’s not that scary; all you need is to follow the tips and keep practicing the mock tests.

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